A Woman Of 7 Abortions Cannot Forgive Herself Until God Shows Her A Vision Of Her Children In Heaven

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This is a powerful testimony of a woman who had many abortions and couldn’t forgive herself after realizing what she did to the children she conceived.

She describes her journey where she hated herself and was dead emotionally.  She gave birth to two more children and her despair worsened. She felt the shame of the previous abortions and felt hopeless. A few years later, she heard about a post-abortion group based on a Bible study. She started attending and it was there that the Lord revealed a vision to her while she was in prayer.

After collecting 500 some visions and dreams on another website of mine, Why God, there is several mentions of these aborted children in heaven having tremendous love for their mothers even though their mothers decided to abort them.  An incredible love is one of the themes I often see with children who are in heaven.  Check out the vision below:

It was the most beautiful green that I had ever seen – hills rolling, as if playing against the blue sky. And there I was standing, staring. Coming toward me was the most beautiful group of children, seven in all, with beautifully distinctive features. They smiled and laughed while being led by a loving man. I joined this lovely group, and we sat down in a circle, with me in the middle. One by one, starting with the oldest, each child handed me a beautiful yellow rose, eyes full of love, and said, “I forgive you.” After the youngest little girl took her turn, they all got up, joined hands, and walked away. The last little one turned towards me with tears in her eyes and stared as they walked away.