Arsenicum Album 30 Was My Gateway Homeopathic For Vomiting – Veronica Flores

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October 24 at 6:48pm
Arsenicum Album 30 was my gateway homeopathic.

I had gotten extremely sick with the flu on Christmas day a few years back and got to the point where I couldn’t stop vomiting. I remembered an online resource I had studied and thought I’d try a dose.

Within minutes, the nausea subsided, and I was finally able to get some much-needed rest. It was miraculous how quickly it worked and made me want to learn so much more. (I have a few posts on the blog with more info.)

Last night, I was awakened at 3 AM with a vomiting 9 YO. I gave him a dose, and he went right back to sleep. The 5 YO woke up at 5 AM vomiting, and I dosed her as well.

I then took a dose and gave one to our 2 YO as a prophylactic to protect us from getting sick.

The two older children vomited once more a few hours later, and I gave them each another couple of doses to get them back to feeling better.

We had a lazy day with cartoons and PJ’s, but I was so glad to not have to deal with episode after episode of vomiting, which was how things usually went before I discovered homeopathy.

Arsencium Album 30 helps the body heal from food poisoning, vomiting, and diarrhea, and it’s a good one to have on hand. It also works well on animals with similar symptoms. Just dose after each episode for relief and healing and avoid peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils.

If the nausea and vomiting is so extreme that the person can’t even take a few sips of water without vomiting, a better option would be Ipecac 30.

Homeopathy is all natural, has no side effects, and is safe for babies, the elderly, and pregnant women when used as directed. (Just dilute in water and give by the teaspoon for infants.)

It’s sold in most health-food stores and some grocery stores. Here’s a referral link to find out more:…/…/…