Bargain Animal Print Burlap Throw Pillows From As Little As $3 Dollars!

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Several months ago we were in the process of re-locating for a job opportunity that came along.  Our plans have changed since then…  but at the time I had to put together a rental with new pieces ….for a living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms ….all while staying on a budget.

I thought throw pillows might be a very easy way to add personality to my daughters room without spending a ton of money.

I always loved the look of animal needlepoint pillows, but couldn’t find the look for less.  Then I stumbled upon the same look on ebay that had a cute collection of animals, and with the price point just under 3 dollars.   I wasn’t sure about the quality, but at the price point, I thought I would gamble.  It turned out to be great finds, and the quality was quite great!  The downside was the time it took to arrive.  If you do order, plan on several weeks for shipping.

Here is what I purchased for a cabin themed home, and I think you just might fall in love with these adorable selection of animals as well.

The pillows are sold as covers only.  I had to make the pillow inserts, which might add to the overall cost.  I had plenty of fluff stored up that I made my own inserts. It was a quick serger job that included me cutting out pieces of square, stuffing them, and simply serging the edge closed.  It was sloppy, but did the trick!

Looking at what I bought, I was planning on putting them in a lilac painted room.  Although I have to admit, I really prefer the animals without the pop of color, such as the deer, or owl below.  They give a rustic appearance that can be functional in a livingroom, rather than just a child’s room.

94 Racing US Sells some absolutely beautiful throw pillows on ebay. Above are links to the  Bear, Raccoon, Fox, Baby Duck Pillows Starting At $3.  They also sell Elk Pillows Starting At $3.49

Dog Pillows Starting At $4.60

You can see how vibrant the colors are with this pattern.

Cat Pillows From OO Beeds Starting At $3 dollars


2 Of the Cat Pillows I purchased are from OO Beeds

Giraffe Pillow With The Pink Shirt At $3 dollars

Speaking Rabbit At $3 dollars

You can see in this picture how the pillows come. The fabric is very nice, and not a loose knit that would fall apart. It isn’t the typical “burlap” you buy at Joannes or Michaels.  The Deer And Owl At $1 Each

When I originally saw that the material was “burlap” I loved the natural element to the fabric but I wasn’t sure what sort of quality these pillows would arrive looking like.  I was pleasantly surprised!  Overall, this was a great buy!.  For the price, I would certainly consider picking up other patterns in the burlap fabric.  I hope you found my pictures helpful.