Beating Cancer: People Chime In On Natural Cancer Treatments A Person Could Investigate

(This thread contains personal opinions of natural cancer treatments. The links to the names were stripped out for privacy. Please investigate everything before making any health decisions)

Starlena Simms- A friend of mine has just been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and 1 year to live. She is only 32 years old and has a 3 month old daughter. Has anyone heard any stories of alternative treatments besides chemotherapy being successful?

Jodie Jackson-Yes. My dad cured his stage 4 lung and liver cancer with hydrogen peroxide therapy. He also takes reishi mushrooms, turmeric and curcumin, and other immune boosting and anti inflammatory supplements.

Jodie Jackson- Gone. No cancer whatsoever. He had a small portion of his lung removed when they first discovered the cancer, but the doctors had given him a death sentence. That was 2 years ago now. Hes alive and well. The protocol he used was from the book “the one minute cure”. Has to be food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide. I would absolutely read the book on the protocol before attempting the therapy.

Ana M KimbrellThat and vitamin c therapy

Morghan BrookeImmediately get on a form of an anti candida diet or Keto diet. Feed the body so it can heal. If it were me I’d kill candida, and I’d look into super strong enzymes.

Bethany BonifaceChris beats cancer, Gerson therapy/clinic , Vitamin c therapy

Bethany BonifaceSeriously look up the Gerson clinic and email them. They usually respond pretty quickly and will tell you if they can help or not.

Jane Sullivan-Ishii–  Dr. Robert Morse videos on YouTube. FB pages: Master Fast System and Fans of Dr Robert Morse ND

Catarina Cardoso- CBD oil

Leah Bucci –  Personally, I’d do Bulletproof diet, IV vitamin c, and tons of fermented foods.


Rafia SarwarRaw vegan diet hands down. That and cut out processed/added sugars and try to incorporate as much alkaline water/food in her diet as possible (cancer thrives in acidic environments).

Jessica Maison

Rainone CarrenoRosemary and frankincense essential oils

McCall RogersKetogenic diet immediately. My husband is a doctor specialized in a form of cancer and when asked, this is what he says he would do if diagnosed.

Danielle Celi MederosHope 4 cancer institute, baja CA has the highest rate of survival in the world for stage 4 cancer patients! Also tell her to get the Truth about cancer book! look into Esiac Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs, I also agree with above commenter, gerson therapy! Organic raw foods, juicing, no sugar no fruits lots of sprouts, coffee enemas, wheat grass enemas, high concentrate CBD oil with THC. So many helpful things out there, Chemo is not the best or only way. Praying for your friend!! Also high dose vitamin d, her level should be close to 100!!

Ashlee ColeCBD oil, vegan

Michelle LynnCoffee enema, Coffee Enema Support Group

Blanche GreeneGerson is the way to go. Studies have found that chemo does absolutely nothing for colon cancer. Total scam!

Melanie RitterMy sister, diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer secondary to Lynch Syndrome also at 32 yrs old also had her colon removed (it had not metastasized), went through radiation and chemo and 8 yrs later is healthy and doing well. She is very holistic but opted for traditional/mainstream treatment (Im sure out of fear) but, she recovered. Just some inspiration for your friend!

Brandi KodoJuicing!

Jessica JewkesCheck out Low dose naltrexone, I take it for autoimmune disease but it can also be used for cancer

Jen Largent-Farnam YES. Cannabis oil. Go join cannabis oil success stories, and diet is huge. No sugars, breads, dairy, processed foods.

Sarah CorbanI’m wondering if a diatomactious earth clense may be helpful. Its my understanding that DE is good for removing toxins and build up in the colon. Also I second vitamin c therapy, cbd oil, heaps of cbd oil

Jessica TadlockBreast milk…seriously, there’s studies that are showing it kills cancer cells.…/Breast-milk-accidental-cure…

Monica IammatteoSCD.Select Carbohydrate Diet.

Kaitlynd West FASTING! The body will go into ketosis, bring the insulin levels/sugar levels down & starve it out. I’m not sure how big she is, but if she’s chubby, she can fast longer.
Electrolytes and monitoring are important however.

Helene Marie WhiteGerson therapy iv vit c there are a number of natural cancer treatment groups you can join too

Mary Catherine HyattNo sugar and vitamins, what kind I don’t know, but a chiropractors mom beat cancer with a strict regamin of vitamins and getting the body as healthy as she could.

Erin Patricia MillerHave her join the group « The Truth About Cancer »There are plenty of alternatives to chemo. Chemo doesn’t even work long term. So many people end up dying from it, whether sooner or later. Cannabis oil, I know there’s others as well.

McKenna McGill- Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment.It’s impossible. My great-grandmother herself juice fasted for about 90 days and then stuck to a strictly fruit diet when she had Stage 4 colon cancer.She is completely cancer free and living a happy healthy life. She followed Dr.Morse’s advice

Lisa White DunnEssiac. I tried desperately to get my brother to try it.…

Jessica Guerriero- Look into IV vitamin C, Essiac tea, Gerson Therapy and the Cellect Budwig Protocol

Jessica GuerrieroCannabis for sure!

Krissy ReedSend her to MD Anderson in Texas. Best place for cancer EVER!!!

Anna HoweRaw organic Carrot juice. An alkaline diet. Check out

Kat Websterbiomag treatment.Raw vegan diet cured my friends mothers cancer in one month.

Corinne NijjerHighly recommend checking out Janette Murray-Wakelins journey and book Raw Can Cure Cancer – Janette was diagnosed with Terminal Breast Cancer and given 6 months to live over 10 years ago. Janette did a lot of things along side going raw vegan including removing toxic chemicals from her personal care item as and household cleaning products, to moving house, changing career, committing to regular meditation, etc… she went on to run 366 consecutive marathons at the age of 60 around Australia. She made a documentary about her run called RAW the Documentary. You can follow her on social media and she has a website also called

Arielle PaladyI’ve heart something about massive amounts of vitamin C

Corinne GreenRick Simpson cannabis oil!!!!!…/canna…/what-is-rick-simpson-oil

Lauren MeyerGerson diet, cannabis oil, b17, essiac tea

Crystal TeetsHope for cancer in Mexico, have a friend that started it over a year ago, and is doing amazing! The dr have her 2 years. Changing diet, cleanses and a medicine called rigvir.

Marilu VelazquezThe gerson therapy

Mary AspinwallWatch the Gerson Miracle on Netflix

Chloë ChevelleBaking soda and molasses. Vit c IV treatment. Website The Truth About Cancer

Lorrie Valley WardMy dad’s doctors were 95% sure he had cancer in his lungs and esophagus. They did a PET scan and the areas lit up. I had him start taking Black Seed Oil and he took it for maybe a month or 2 before the biopsy was scheduled. When they went in there all they found was necrotic tissue where the cancer was supposed to be. Which says to me that the cancer was killed off!!! This is the one I had him take.…/dp/B017KQZC6I/ref=sr_1_5_s_it…

Lorrie Valley Ward Crystal Ficco Jacobs it’s been at least 5 years. He’s fine!

Lorrie Valley Ward Jessica Lynn definitely do some research on the benefits of black seed oil!

Lorrie Valley Ward oh there’s a 500mg size that we take. The 1250mg I gave my dad for a high dose.

Amy DarlingCBD oil, distilled water, vegan or raw food diet, cut out dairy,refined sugar, processed food etc.

Kelli Patterson –  We used when my mother in law had breast cancer. It worked well. She beat it.

Kerri Alicia Galea PriceFasting, fAsting, fasting.

Marissa MortonGerson therapy
CBD oil
Supposedly Keto diet starves cancer
Alkaline diet
Loads of Vitamin C
Different cancers will respond to different things

Sarah Shreve -Curing Cancer Naturally – True Stories from Real People

Elizabeth Harlan Raffensbergerhave her watch truth about cancer. Gerson Therapy. get a naturopath or functional md. Vegan, raw diet & etc

Sam EmilyLook into Rick Simpson Full Extract Cannabis Oil. Works miracles curing cancer without any negative side effects. Many people have personal testimonies you can read for yourself.

Stephanie NicoleMaybe ozone therapy…/

Annette M. CassickResearch Chaga! Good luck

Nyah LoveCancer Cures & Natural Healing Research Group

Agnieszka KirchnerCheck out Loren Lockman on YouTube. Also on YouTube – Chris beat cancer. He has testimonials from other people treating their cancers naturally by themselves. There are people getting rid of cancers by eating only grapes or just melons (raw vegan diet very high in fruits and green juices, for example). She needs to clean her body as aggressively as she can. I know it’s scary… I heard that diagnosis about my only sister before, also stage 4 colon cancer and also max 1 year to live. What I’d say for sure is do not do chemo because this is what would kill her sooner than the cancer…

Suky Rézzougui HoTurmeric, apricot seeds, Vit C, sour sop

Juzille CannonLook up

  • Chris beat cancer
  • Kid against chemo
  • Chris’s Carr
  • Dr Leonard Coldwell
  • Dr Colin T Campbell

Michelle Santos HansenMy husband was given 6 months to live in 2006. He had stage IV renal cell carcinoma. We did things from the above mentioned sites, also the Incurables Program from He was cancer free when he died this past August from complications of anaplasmosis. How ironic is that!? But we got over 10 years more.