The Good, The Bad And Not-Worth-The-Trouble Brands Of Chalk Paint

Cindy Reviews All The Chalk Paint and Waxes On The Market - The Good, The Bad And Not Worth The Trouble Brands

I’m really just a small-ish step away from a complete noob when it comes to chalk paint and waxing.

But I’ve used it on enough pieces to begin forming some opinions on what I like, what I don’t, and why it matters for me and my new biz.

I started off trying out a few DIY recipes (which I will tell you about in another post), then dove right in with Annie Sloan’s brand.  I’ve since purchased some CeCe Caldwell and a sample of the American Paint Co.  There’s many more brands out there.  Seems like I stumble upon a new brand every day in blogland (FAT paint, Maison Blanche, Van Gough, Shabby Paints, Webster’s, more???)…. and besides different color options, I think they’re probably all similar in quality and performance, though a few of them claim to be all natural and others have a bit of latex in them. Price-wise they’re all more expensive than most latex paints.

Honestly, I don’t see enough of a difference in end product and work involved between the boutique brands and homemade chalk paint.

Ta Da! How’s that for the bottomline?

And you’re only 1/4th thru the post.  You’re welcome.

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