Inexpensive Bird Houses For Your Garden


19th century french birdcage from Appley Hoare

19th century french birdcage from Appley

Bird houses never went out of style.  Vintage bird cages are made of a variety of materials. Traditionally, vintage cages are made of steel or wood, strong bark, acrylic, and even iron. Depending on what your taste is like, there is a variety of pretty bird houses that will fit into your budget.

Dream Wedding Decor- Seen on

Dream Wedding Decor- Seen on

Hutch To A Birdcage- Found on

An Antique Hutch Turned Into A Birdcage- Amazing!!

Found on

Furniture Turned Into Birdcages:

– DIY Chinchilla Pet Cage; a chinchilla cage we fashioned from a secondhand armoire here

– IKEA Hackers: Rabbit hutch for Amigo- here

– An old armoire turned into a birdcage – here

– Bird cage from old cabinet –here

– DIY hamster cage from Ikea furniture –here

Decorative Bird Cages Large 17" x 17" Metal Cage $55 Save On Crafts Decorative Bird Cages Large 17″ x 17″ Metal Cage $55 Save On Crafts

Birdcages Seen In Martha Stewart


Country Living - Collecting Birdhouses

Country Living Magazine

Special Birdhouses-Meranda's Picks

Home Bazaar Hotel California Purple Martin Birdhouse $394

Lazy Hill Farm Birdhouse With Copper Roof $704

Amazon Birdhouses- Meranda's Picks

Birdcage circa 2007, Country Home Magazine

Heath Outdoor Products Martin House– $49 Free Shipping

S & K 16-Family Martin Barn $39,

Home Bazaar Bird Houses, Many To Pick From – Amazon

Wilco Imports Birdhouses $30

Martin House Bird Houses $36- $42

Cuckoo White Birdhouse $64

Honeymoon Cottage Birdhouse $59

Arts And Crafts Birdhouse $82

Pavilion Garden Birdhouse $99

Antique Bird Cage- Seen at PBA Auctions

Antique Bird Cage- Seen at PBA

Collecting Birdcages- Meranda's

Vintage Italian Florentine Bird Cage Found on

Found on

Found on