The Neoclassical Paint Color Celadon Green – How To Decorate With It

The Manor, Oxford From 1st Option
The Manor, Oxford From 1st Option
The Manor, Oxford From 1st Option
The Manor, Oxford From 1st Option

The color green can can create a cool, calm, soothing atmosphere that it is no wonder why it is widely chosen by professionals in field of color, painting and decorating. Celadon green is a subdued green that has gray undertones, which makes it a perfect color for period interiors. Celadon Green is originally the  color refers to a specific type of traditional Korean pottery. It’s a very pale spring green often seen as a glaze on tile.

The Neoclassical palette is inspired by the stone buildings of ancient Greece and Rome.  It features a range of white and gray neutrals, along with shades of green and light, nature inspired colors.  Replicate the style of the mid 1700s with an interest in Ancient Greek and Roman architecture by using pale colors such as pale blue, cream and celadon green, accompanied by black or a rich dark green or Roman red for contrast.  for a

Here are a couple color combinations that work with the neoclassical style:

Celadon Green + Pale Blue + Light Gray

Celadon green has been seen in neoclassical design schemes in the 1700’s. Replicate the style of the mid 1700s by using pale colors such as pale blue, cream and celadon green, with accents of black, red, or Ecru.

Celadon Green + Shades of Purple and Yellow

Celadon blends with many colors, and works well with opposites. Pair celadon green with lighter lilacs, and darker eggplant accents.  Celadon Green also pairs well with brighter colors.  Think about bright sunshine yellow paired with this gray based green, such as seen below in the World Of Interiors August 2007 photo.  Celadon also can be paired with brown combinations, as nature’s colors are brought into the house bringing a sense of coziness and tranquility.

Celadon Green + Kelly Green + Green Blue

Play celadon green with other like ranged colors.   When combined with vivid jewel tones such as Kelly green, and a green-blue range suggesting tenderness and romance. Light green and sky blue can be enhanced by white for extra freshness.

Celadon works well by adding raw wood, such as a desk, or side chairs.  Consider adding in painted black accessories or furniture to add contrast.  Stainless steel, tile and wood will give your room a balance against the pastel colors.

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Decorating With Celadon Green For A 1700s Feel