How Plain Tape Made This Dresser Extraordinary

Stunning Stripe Dresser

Are you wanting to add a bit of personality to your newest acquisition?

Tape can be your best friend….especially when adding interest to an old piece.  For this dresser, I used basic paint tape to create a marvelous striped appearance.

To start with a nice base coat, I needed to strip the dresser of its previous painted finish.  I used a walnut/mahogany stain for the base coat, after the existing finish was removed.  This chest was genuine mahogany, and at that time, I really didn’t know too much about staining wood, so I went over the raw wood with a colored stain.  With mahogany furniture, you don’t need to apply colored stain, you can use clear polyurethane, which in fact brings out the grain nicer than any other stain for that matter.  Going forward……….

I used the tape itself to measure out my lines.  By that, I mean, I applied the first piece of tape, and secured it into place.  Next, I took a piece of tape, and butted it up to the previous tape seam.  Again, applying my third piece of tape, I applied it to the last seam, and removed the second piece of tape and repeated this pattern.  I found this was the easiest way to apply the tape without thinking too much about the spacing.  I ended up getting perfect spacing without it taking me too much time to mark out the lines.

After the tape was applied, I took black spray paint, and sprayed the entire chest.  The best part of the project was removing the tape!  As you can see, it looks classy in a white interior.

Borrow this look for your own home. 

Dresser Reveal Meranda(Beautiful against white walls, don’t you think?)

Merandas Painted Stripe Chest