How Does DecoArt Chalk Paint At Home Depot Size Up?

Home Depot's Chalk Paint BrandHome Depot now offers DecoArt’s chalk paint line, although don’t go to the stores to find it, as it is only available online.  With so many new paint lines surfacing, you have to wonder if they compare to Annie Sloan’s brand who has made chalk paint and waxing so popular.

The line is called “DecoArt Americana Decor Everlasting Chalky Finish” You can have it shipped to your home for free with an order over $45 dollars, or have it shipped right to your local store where you can pick it up in person. A 16-oz. can is priced at $15.98.  This paint line is available in 29 colors, and best of all, made in the USA.

DecoArt Americana Decor Chalk Paint Product Review

Make store-bought pieces or flea market finds look like they came from a European estate sale or a French countryside cottage by using Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint. This paint produces an ultra-matte sheen that can be customized with different waxes or varnishes. One can covers up to 120 sq. ft. It says you don’t even have to use primer, nor do you have to sand your furniture first, but is that really true?  Some painters say otherwise………

On one hand, many people have to say that the paint goes on smooth without seeing brush strokes.  Others say, the paint is quite thin.  Here are some responses in a Facebook Paint Group:

Question: “Who has used the Home Depot Chalk Paint and what is the consistency compared to other chalk paints? Thanks!”

-“I’ve used it. I really, really like it. The only other Chalk paint I’ve used is Annie Sloan and I think the 2 are very close”

-“I highly recommend it. Very smooth, creamy, fast dry time, great coverage”

-“I also love it! It just seems to even out as it dries with hardly any brush marks”

-“I used it for the first time last week…dried so smooth..I loved it! I have used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, American Paint, and homemade chalk paint…Home Depots Americana is my new favorite!”

-“I have tried the dark wax. I don’t like it. It’s more of a glaze. Same consistency as the paint. Runny”

-“I wouldn’t like a runny wax. I have Johnson’s which is okay, but a little creamier than I like. I do like Minwax better, but have not tried the water based waxes”

-“I like it except the coverage. But I am using white so….on coat #5”

-“Its my favorite now, too! I actually like the wax because its very easy to use. Brush on, buff off. You just cant think that its PASTE wax, its not. Thing is – its makes it very easy to get it into fine details without much work!”

-“It is watery. It takes several layers of that paint to cover something. Very thin”

-“My first can wasn’t at all thick, was about like Annie Sloan. I think second can I opened was cold and that’s what made it thick. But it went on great”

-“Mine was thick and creamy. Not watery at all”



Have you tried this brand?  If so, what are your thoughts?

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