Facebook Patent Reveals Plans to Collect Footage Through Cameras Without User Knowledge

A new patent filed by Facebook shows that FB may use phone, tablet and laptop cameras to spy on you.

The Daily Mail reports that Facebook filed a patent called “Techniques for emotion detection and content delivery” to collect “passive imaging data” by cameras that are not turned on, an act which experts are calling an “ethical minefield.”

Former FBI Director James Comey to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have admitted to covering up device cameras when not in use.

A porn website took a pic of my buddy and sent him an email with his pic and a screenshot of the porn he was viewing…lol.

Google and Facebook seem to be the worse. I don’t use either one and I don’t have any Apple products. Google tracks everyone on every web page. I use Badger to block it.

  • Privacy Badger – Chrome Web Store
  • Privacy Badger :: Add-ons for Firefox – Firefox Add-ons – Mozilla

Don’t forget the microphone. And those Wi-Fi voice activated gadgets? – throw them away. They can be turned on remotely to record every sound. And that sound can be hacked. Besides the company and government access to your private information, crooks can get into that sound recording and find out things like when you will be out of the house, what your credit card number is from a voice call overheard. IoT is dangerous to your privacy and security.

Windows 7 also has a lot of telemetry that can be turned off. For Windows 10 I use O&O Shut Up 10. You can control all of the tracking that feeds back to Microsoft. For your camera and microphone, you can go into device manager and disable both of them especially if you never use them. One of my biggest fears is Google. Google tracks everything on just about every web page even this one. (I use Badger to block it.) If you use g-mail and Google search they already have a large database on you. Combine that with someone who uses an Android phone and they are better than the NSA. They could probably tell you what time you get up in the morning, when you have your coffee, and when you take care of your bodily functions. So when the Terminator comes looking for people, these Google fans will be the easiest ones to find via the GPS in their phones and even if they toss their phones, by now their faces are stored and their habits so well known that all of the surveillance cameras and facial recognition will find them.


One Man Requested His Digital Finger Print On Facebook Which Came Out To Be More Than 1 Thousand Pages Long

Snippets From May 10, 2016‘s “Is Facebook Violating Your Privacy Rights? “ freeadvice.com

Facebook launched a “Tag Suggestions” feature in 2010 that is meant to encourage users to tag photographs. A “tag” links a person in a photograph posted to Facebook to that person’s Facebook profile. “Tag Suggestions” uses facial recognition software to compare faces in uploaded photographs to other faces on Facebook in an attempt to associate those faces with Facebook profiles. If the software matches a face to a Facebook user, it will suggest that the photograph be tagged with the user’s name.

A federal class action lawsuit in the Northern District of California alleges that Facebook’s use of facial recognition technology violates the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). That law prohibits companies from gathering biometric data from consumers without their permission.


Other very interesting snippets from this article:

” Biometric information to which the law applies includes a retina or iris scan, fingerprint, voiceprint, or scan of hand or face geometry”

“The plaintiffs who brought the lawsuit argued that they did not agree to Facebook’s terms of use. Yet when they registered for Facebook, they all checked a box confirming that they had “read and agreed to” Facebook’s Terms of Use and Privacy Statement”

“The common understanding that website users almost never read the site’s terms of use did not alter the court’s conclusion that the plaintiffs entered into a valid contract with Facebook”

Although Texas and Connecticut have joined Illinois in enacting biometric data protection laws, the remaining 47 states have no law protecting biometric data.

Read more at freeadvice.com

Facebook is going to delete your synced photos in a few weeks’ time unless you install another of its apps.

Now if that sentence puzzled you, you’re not alone. Many users have no idea that the synced photos album even exists, or that Facebook may have had access to their private photos since 2012.

Back then, the ‘synced’ or ‘synced from phone’ section of Facebook photos was launched, but most users did not know that this gave the app access to their private albums.

The update allowed Facebook users to sync automatically all the photos taken on their iPhone with their social profile, reports TechCrunch.

Read more: metro.co.uk
Comments :
Holly Kilgore Jacobs-HA! HA! I always thought I was to only one who knew or cared HOW FREAKIN NOSY Facebook IS! I remeoved them from my phone FOR THIS REASON ALONE…a hassle but they are too nosy!! They hit me daily to let them do something or post things and want my phone # for the past 5 yrs…..NOT MINE, Facebook….NOT MINE!
April Ward-FB still bugs me for my cell number, just no! They keep saying “it’s for added security/so you don’t get locked out etc” and yahoo has started doing that too… They said they keep it private but I just don’t trust them. And I’ve read on some websites that even though the number is kept private, it still poses a problem, I forget why but it’s like that record is still accessable somewhere or something. Like people can still search for you by that number or whatever. So yeah, they need to quit bugging me for my number, it’s annoying.
Holly Kilgore Jacobs Aprill Ward I still read WHAT APPS have access to, as one of my games wanted to have access to my phone’s MIC, PIX, etc that have nothing to do with me playing that game. FB sends me that same BS, every day, too….they are so annoying, but the DO serve a purpose for me since I live 1000 miles from my original home and friends. I won’t let them have most of what they want…ever. Next week, they will be on TV saying they have been :hacked’ and our infomation is out there….NOT MINE…and YOURS! ROFL

May 19, 2016

Facebook may have violated federal privacy laws by scanning private messages, according to a lawsuit certified for class action yesterday in Northern California District Court. The allegations center around Facebook’s practice of scanning and logging URLs sent through the site’s private messaging system.

 Snippets from the article:

“Through the discovery process, the plaintiffs have gained significant access to Facebook source code and engineers, although many of the resulting exhibits are still under seal. The available court records strongly suggest that the company maintains a persistent record of the links sent in private messages. As the plaintiffs’ attorneys put it, “the records that Facebook creates from its users’ private messages, and which are stored indefinitely, may be put to any use, for any reason, by any Facebook employee, at any time.”

“According to that analysis, each messaged URL is stored in a private message database dubbed “Titan,” which shows the date and time a message was sent, along with the user IDs of both the sender and the recipient.”

Read more at theverge.com

A security vulnerability has allowed an interception which could allow someone to read encrypted messages has been found within its WhatsApp messaging service.

Read more at theguardian.com

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