Find The Best Sales At Target- 10 Tips From Mommysavers

Do you like shopping at Target?  Here is a guide to find the best days to shop, and even the location of where to find the deals:

Here are some strategies to make finding deals at Target just a little bit easier.

  • Shop the endcaps. The endcaps are the shelves at the end of an aisle loaded with clearance merchandise.  The endcaps with the most clearance merchandise are usually those farthest away from the main shopping aisles.  Always make a trip around the perimeter of the store to find the best deals, since “perimeter perusing” at Target can really pay off!
  • Know the markdown schedule. This is a schedule that a typical Target store will use for their markdowns.  Your store may vary this schedule, so get to know the employees!  While they don’t know exactly what will get marked down until they are notified on their PDAs, they are familiar with their store’s routine.  Many Target stores nationwide follow a similar markdown schedule such as this one (although it’s important to note that this is not universal and can vary):