Graft Fruit Onto Ordinary Trees

Wouldn’t you love to know how you can transform an ordinary tree into a fruit bearing tree?

Every woman wants fruit trees on her property, but planting them is quite an undertaking.

Here is an article describing a group of people in San Francisco who are using their incredible gardening skills by grafting fruit onto ordinary city trees.

I would love to see this take place everywhere!

What about you?

More about this group:

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Guerrilla Grafters manual – tabloid size

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These fearless gals are grafting fruit onto ornamental urban trees, and cities doesn’t know how to stop them!

Known as the “Guerilla Grafters,” their mission is to provide free, healthy food where it’s needed most – urban food deserts.

Ever wonder why none of the trees in big cities produce anything useful, like nuts or fruit? According to the Guerilla Grafters, it’s because they are intentionally bred not to.

City planners specifically select sterile varieties of many common fruit trees (apples, pears, plums, cherries) because of their beauty to decorate their streets.

The movement started in 2012 in San Francisco, home to 10,000 fruitless fruit trees.

Grafting branches onto trees is like “like tongue and groove in carpentry,” Hui explains.

The spliced branches are taped up in color coded electrical tape, so volunteers can monitor the trees and make sure fruit is harvested and not wasted.

Source: “Guerilla Grafters” Secretly Graft Fruit-Bearing Branches Onto Sterile City Trees