Guggenheim’s Gallery Paint Color Collection

Guggenheim's Paint Color CollectionsGuggenheim’s Classical Colors- Photo Credit Elle Decor

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum partnered with Fine Paints of Europe to bring forth a collection of 50 neutral paint colors that have been used in the Guggenheim and were chosen by curators, artists, and designers.

Classical Color Collection- Guggenheim Museum

The Classical Colors Collection

The Classical Colors is a set of 150 wall colors drawn from much-loved paintings in the Guggenheim’s permanent collection.  Classical Colors reflects the color palette of paintings by Paul Cézanne, Vasily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Vincent van Gogh, and other modern masters whose works are in the museum’s celebrated collection. The Classical Colors were further refined in consultation with Fine Paints of Europe, whose specialists fine-tuned the selections to precisely match each hue.

The Gallery Color Collection- Guggenheim Museum

The Gallery Colors Collection

The Gallery Colors collection, are the colors that were painted in the museum itself.  The museum delved into its archives to find original colors used for milestone exhibitions and shades chosen by Wright, artists, and museum curators.

Each time the Guggenheim presents an exhibition, designers will begin with small-scale models of the gallery space, and test the wall sample colors with small scale replicas of the artworks. The final color is tested in the museum itself with mock up paintings.  The final choice of wall color can influence how a collection is represented, and therefore over time, the museum has had to have a very keen eye to choosing color for the art which is exhibited.

The Guggenheim Classical Colors and Gallery Colors paints are sold by the Fine Paints of Europe, through independent paint retailers throughout the United States and on a direct basis. To learn more, please visit the Guggenheim Colors website.