TICK Homeopathic Remedies -What Is The Best Method For Using Ledum To Prevent Ticks From Biting?

Becki H Asks:

Ledum and ticks. What is the best method of using ledum to stop and prevent ticks from biting? The ticks are extremely bad this year and we can’t walk out of our house without having ticks on us, and I don’t want to be constantly spraying everyone with DEET. I have seen two different methods and am confused as to which one to use.

First method: Ledum palustre 200C: This is taken every 3 hours for the first day, followed by twice daily for a week. This is then used twice weekly for a month and then once per week for another month.

Second method: Ledum once a week during tick season.

We are a family of 8 and have 2 dogs. The first method would wipe out my bottle quickly, but I can order more.

Katie B Says…My training in homeopathy is single similar minimum dose we do one globule/crumb/pellet in a bottle of 500ml water shake each time and sip for 5 days you could then make a fresh bottle weekly ? Putting it in water prevents aggravations/side effects

Becki H– Separate bottle for each person? I have pellets. How often or how many times to take a sip?

Katie B– Sip through the day no set amount once its diluted the dose is present throughout and to be honest u dont need to keep taking it but i feel you may feel better to. Once you have taken it thats the dose done right there.

Becki H– So one pellet for the 5 days and that’s all we would need to do? How long would that give protection? We have several other autoimmune issues, so ticks stress me horribly as I really don’t want to add lyme or anything else to the mix.

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Katie B– Honestly there are no guarentees with any form of medicine it can only help reduce the likelihood. Im advising on dose as im not familiar with lyme yet as its not prevelant in the UK but ive seen people suggest Ledum for it prophylactically before. But i practice classically and thats in water and single dose. Repeating all the time can aggravate or disturb the action of the medicine. This is my way of being taught. Hope it helps.

Becki H– Thanks. I know there’s no guarantees with anything, just trying to lessen our chances. So best to do this one dose and then watch for ticks becoming an issue again. Then repeat? Could be 6 months, could be 6 years?

Katie BThis is the problem you cannot take it all the time but i would suggest like our malarial prophylactic you take it a week before the season starts then a fresh bottle per person and sip for first week then i would only repeat if bitten and i would double that up with some spray/deterent like an incognito spray or roll on if it covers ticks also. That you will have to research let me know if it does ?

Becki H– Great! Thanks. I appreciate the help understanding this all.

Becki H– One last question- should I keep the water in the fridge or on the counter?

Katie B– There are natural sprays too i remember i made one for france it eas eucalyptus in some grape seed oil. You can keep it in the fridge if you like i dont normally bother its only water with the remedy it wont go off in 5 days

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Becki H- There are so many different methods that it’s confusing. With the ticks so bad this year, we would never be off ledum if we followed every bite for three days. I’ve noticed some of us are more susceptible to getting more than others.

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