How Martha Stewart Organizes Her Store Room

Martha Stewart Living Jan 2012 Craft Storage Room

In the Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Jan 2012 edition, Martha gives you a sneak peek behind her house house keeping room, showing her viewers how she organizes her cleaning products, crafts, and random supplies that often can make a storage room appear less then organized.

Here are some of her tips for organizing your storage, garage, or craft room……

A.  Consider Working With Cabinets – Martha has aline of furniture that allows you to organize large rolls of kraft paper, and bins to hold craft supplies, stationary, and all the random things that often get shoved into a storage room.

B.  Install Swing Hooks, to hang brooms, dust pans, and any other equipment inside cabinets and behind doors.  This swing hook can be bolted on a door, or cabinet, and sells for $9

C.  Invest In Drawer Dividers – Drawer dividers can improve the storage capacity inside your cabinets and storage furniture.  Make your own drawer dividers from wood, and simply measure and nail them together.  It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to make your drawers function better.

D.  Have A Multi-Functional Work Table– If you are wanting to do a sewing project, fix a pair of lamps, or work on a craft project, having a work table on rollers that you can move around the room can be a piece of furniture that you will use often.   Pair it with a stool, or chair that allows you to sit down as you work. Depending on the crafts you often do, will also determine the height of the table.  Having an extra tall table for sewing would be uncomfortable, however, for shorter term projects and crafts, having the option of standing up and working might be an attractive choice.  Seen in Martha’s editorial, you can see all of her furniture comes from her scrapbooking crafts furniture collection.

E.  A Magnetic Strip – is an attractive way to organize some of the tools you use quite frequently.  A Knife strip, often used in the kitchen to store knives, can be perfect for a craft room to store your expensive scissors that quickly get lost.

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The Home Decorators Collection and Martha Stewart Living has a line of craft furniture designed to organize your crafts and suplies. The line is called the Craft Space Collection and is designed to be highly functional with maximum storage capability. The pieces are based on the custom-made furniture that is found in Martha’s own personal craft rooms. This furniture is specifically designed for avid crafters who need special furniture for their crafting projects. The furniture is available in two colours, sage green and white.

Martha Stewart Living Jan 2012 1 Martha Stewart Living Jan 2012 2 Martha Stewart Living Jan 2012 3 Martha Stewart Living Jan 2012 4

Martha Stewart Living Jan 2012 Marthas Craft Storage Furniture

Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Jan 2012


Craft Space Gift wrap Hutch, 34″Hx42″W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $169


Craft Space Table, 36“Hx54″W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $249

Craft Space Table, 31″Hx54″W, $229


Collection in Rhododndrn Leaf:

-Craft Space Deep Cubby Organizer, 13″Hx21″W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $69

-Craft Space Left Cubby Organizer, LEFT, RHODODNDRN LEAF $27

-Craft Space Corkboard, CORK, RHODODNDRN LEAF $49

-Standard File Cabinet, 31″Hx21″W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $159

-Small Cubby Drawer, TALL-6″Hx5.25″W, $6

Tall Cubbie Drawer, SHORT-4″Hx5″W,$6

-Zigzag Drawer Insert, 16.75″Wx11.25″D,$16

-Storage Console, SHORT-31″Hx21″W, $129

Magazine File, 11.5″Hx4.25″W, $14

-Letter File Cubbie Drawer, LETTER FILE, $14

-Deep Cubbie Drawer, TALL-6″Hx5″W, $9

Collection in Picket Fence :

– Craft Space Gift wrap Hutch, 34″Hx42″W, $169

-Craft Space 42″w Storage Console, LONG-31″Hx42″W, $179

-Craft Space Deep Cubbie Drawer, TALL-6″Hx5″W,$9

-Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Table, 31“Hx54″W, $229

-Craft Space Center Cubby Organizer, CENTER, $59

-Craft Space Paper Organizer, PAPER-13″Hx21″W, $119

-Craft Space Right Cubby Organizer, RIGHT, $27

-Craft Space Standard File Cabinet, 31″Hx21″W, $159

-Storage Console, SHORT-31″Hx21″W, $129

Collection in Sharkey Gray:

-Craft Space 21″w Storage Console, SHORT-31″Hx21″W, $103

– Craft Space Paper Organizer, PAPER-13″Hx21″W, $119

–Craft Space Deep Cubby Organizer, 13″Hx21″W,$69

Additional Beautiful Pieces:

-Martha Stewart Larsson Desk in Black, $399

-Martha Stewart Living Larsson Cabinet $199

-Martha Stewart Living Ingrid File Console $399

-Martha Stewart Living Larsson Swivel Desk Chair $124

-Martha Stewart Living™ Ingrid Console Table, $279

– Martha Stewart Living Ingrid 3-Shelf Bookcase $259