How To Deal With Gangs That Go From House To House When Economic Collapse Takes Place

Start by removing any thing that can be seen from the front of the house that would even make them suspect that you have any supplies. Next you will want to make the front of your house look like it has already looted. To do this, place a muddy foot print on your front door near the door knob. Next, remove the screws from the bottom of the door. This will make the door look like it has been kicked in. If there is glass in the door, take something and break it then put a piece of clear plastic behind it to keep the rain out. Always use only the back door to enter and leave the house. Fresh footprints in the front yard are a sure sign that it is still inhabited. I would also recommend scattering some old kitchen trash around the front of the house to give the impression that any food that was in it has already been taken. You will also want to hang some thick material over all of the windows to prevent any light from seeping out at night. I would also recommend only building a fire at night when it is harder to see the smoke. Just remember that the smell of smoke travels a long way, so be very careful. These things should help discourage people from taking a closer look at your home and hopefully they will just pass on by.

One last thing, never keep all of your food in your house where it can be found. Hide it and only keep a few items out at a time. This way if they do come into your house, they will only find a few items and think you are just as desperate as they are.

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