How To Make Reusable Toilet Paper For Survival- Linda Loosl

No one wants to talk about toilet stuff. I get it. But here’s the deal, we need to talk about it. We all use the bathroom so let’s just lay all the cards out. Number one, I want my own emergency toilet and I want toilet paper to go with it. Now you can save your old phone books and use those pages to take care of your business as well. But today I am showing you how to make you own toilet paper cloths I call “family cloths”. I made mine in ten-inch squares. I’m going to use my serger to go around all the edges to keep them from fraying.  Or I might sew them and turn them inside out and top-stitch. I bought a small garbage can and inside that can I have a zippered clothes bag to put the soiled family cloth in to wash later. I will add apple cider vinegar to the water with my laundry soap to wash them.

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