5 Ways You Can Make Your Own Perfume From Essential Oils

How To Make Your Own Perfume And Dilute Essential Oils

Have you ever thought of making your own perfume from essential oils, or from the remnants of left over perfume you have in your bathroom cabinets?  I have also thought of this very idea.  I stumble across oils I love, and wonder how I can make my own perfume.  I am sure you have thought about this very thing yourself.

Have you ever come across a fragrance that you love, but even in its lightest available form, its just a little too strong ?

Is there a way that you could dilute  a fragrance to achieve a lighter version of the same scent?

Perfumers Alcohol -If you are in the USA you could use perfumer’s Alcohol and make a small (5 or 10ml) sample to see what dilution ratio is best for you without wasting precious perfume.  Alcohol can act as a “lifter” and at times can make a fragrance seem stronger.   Parfums, while richer and more complex, can actually be softer if they have less alcohol in them.

Jojoba Oil – If you are finding that fragrance oil is just too strong for your liking, try using plain jojoba oil.

Coconut Oil is another oil I have used in the past.  You can purchase this in liquid form, or solid form.  Spectrum makes one of the best oils I have tasted. What I have done in the past is simply heat up a pot of boiling water, and simply place the jar in the water, which melts the oil.  Pour the oil into another container and add your fragrance, cover, and it solidifies within a couple of hours.  It makes a great perfume rub.

Flower Waters – With oils and sometimes alcohol you can make a great summer spritz by adding some of the original perfume to a complimentary hydrosol / flower water. You can use Pure Rose, Lavender, Orange Blossom flower waters, which are very versatile and if kept in the fridge can give you refreshing all over fragrance throughout the year.

Unscented Lotions– One lady comments that when she was pregnant, every odor seemed too strong , so she bought a bottle of unscented lotion and mixed in her fragrance to how weak she wanted the smell.



Unscented Body Mist- Body Time out in California sells a Refresher Body Mist which can be scented, they also sell diluting liquid(perfumers alcohol) on their website. They have Gardenia perfume oil along with lots of others like Lemon Verbena, Pineapple, and Lilac.