“I realized I was wrong, from that day on, I changed my practice ” How A Doctor Realized Root Canals Make People Sick


Dr. Kulacz stopped performing root canals in 1995.  The American Dental Association states that root canals are a safe procedure.  Yet according to Dr. Kulacz, he believes that is not true.

“If a patient is informed that these root canal teeth remain infected; that bacteria can indeed travel to other sites in the body, and that bacteria in root canal teeth and the surrounding bone release potent toxins, then the patient can decide to have a root canal or not,” he says.

It is common thought that many dentists believe they can sterilize a root canal tooth.

“I’ve done biopsies on every root canal tooth that I have extracted. Almost all of them have remnants of necrotic debris still in that canal meaning that they were not thoroughly cleaned. Microbiological cultures of the surrounding bone showed infection almost 100% of the time.” Dr. Kulacz says.

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