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Guest Post The Meyer’s 

I have had many different types of purses in my life. Some of those purses had absolutely nothing to do with convenience but everything to do with style and others that were certainly convenient but quite boring.

When I was a teenager and even up into my twenties everything had to match from my shoes, to my polish and of course to my purse. I know many women probably still do this today but somewhere along the line I either was too tired or too broke to keep this up and decided upon a few nice purses to go with everything.

As I grew older and had children it seemed that convenience took first place in this contest but I still had not given up on style.

Have you ever noticed that it is quite difficult to find these two qualities together; not impossible, just difficult?You want the purse to fit your personality and your stature but at the same time not so impractical it is not useful.

After having children I think you get used to having diaper bags around and decide you need a huge bag to carry everything, just to find out that you cannot find the things you want to have access to.

It is one of the most frustrating feelings to look for something in a hurry in the bottomless pit of a huge bag. This can be a hair pulling experience. And speaking for myself I can fill whatever size bag I have up to its full capacity and still try to cram more inside. So as you can see, huge bags are not for me.

It is equally frustrating to have a bag that is too small where everything gets so packed inside that to find something like your wallet you have to take the whole purse apart to get to it and then meticulously put it back in just the way you took it out. Either way is a hassle.

There is an art to picking just the right size purse.

When you are a teenager or one of those seriously organized people it is probably much easier because you do not have as much stuff to carry or you know exactly what you need to carry. Such is not the case for yours truly.

Consider A Handbag With Compartments

You need to take into consideration the amount of pockets you will need. I like to keep my lipstick, mirror, comb, etc. in a pocket to itself. I also like a pocket for my pens and a note pad so generally I look for a purse with two inside pockets on either side but tend to stay away from pockets in the middle.

I am always in a hurry and when I find it hard to deal with a pocket within a pocket but that is just me. That is a decision that usually comes from past frustrations on the part of the purse owner. Too many pockets can lead to high anxiety as well if you are not a super organized person because then it comes down to which stinking pocket did I put such and such in? And no one really wants to go there do they? Some of you may be saying to yourself, what is wrong with this person? Others out there know exactly what I am saying.

Determine Your Budget

When buying a new purse you also need to determine what kind of person you are as to the amount of money you want to spend on the purse.

If you get bored with a purse very quickly you may not want to spend as much money.

If you are hard on your purses you may want to consider spending a bit more money to ensure they last a good while.

I am not a huge spender when I buy purses but I do look for quality and generally buy when the sales are good. You can spend a small fortune on a good purse and I do not have a small fortune.

For those of you that are blessed and can afford the pricier designer brands,I am sure they last a good long while and are worth the money.

I am sure in the pricier bags you can find a perfect style with all the conveniences. I have never shopped for those kinds of purses because I could not afford it. I tend to not look at what I cannot have.

Determine The Style Of Handles That Fits Your Lifestyle

Something else I am particular about is the handles. You have to think about whether you want a shoulder strap or are you going to carry it by hand?

If you prefer a shoulder strap you need to make sure it is long enough or short enough for your body size and/or if it adjustable. Also the width of the strap and the size of the bag and what you are carrying will make a difference.

If you tend to carry a lot and the bag is heavy then you need to consider a wider strap to ensure it does not cut into your shoulder.

When you are shopping for a purse you may even want to transfer the contents of your purse (if practical) to the one you are considering and see if it fits and how it feels in your hand or on your shoulder.

I have parked myself in the purse section of stores with several purse selections thinking about where each item would fit into the new purse. If you cannot do this at the store then take it home and before you take off the tags or throw out the receipt put everything into the new purse to make sure you will be happy with it.

There is nothing worse than a purse you do not like and you are stuck with!

First however, get rid of the old receipts, gum wrappers, and paraphernalia floating around in your purse and consider what the bare minimum requirements are. What do you feel you need to carry with you to meet your particular needs? Then find a purse that will meet those needs.

Handbag Color Shades

As for colors I have decided that if I have a black purse, some shade of brown, a white, cream, or off-white purse depending on the season, and maybe a gray purse then I am pretty much set. Unless of course it is for a special occasion and all I need is a clutch and then that is a different story. I may splurge and buy a color and style that fits the color of my dress exactly, that is if I cannot borrow one first!

Handbag Design- Zippers Or Open Bags?

Another concern is how the purse closes, or does it close at all? If you travel a lot or are out and about quite a bit then you need to make sure that your purse closes adequately.

A zipper is the most secure to ensure that someone cannot just slip their hand into your purse without you knowing in a crowded store. It also ensures that you do not drop an article out of your purse inadvertently such as your wallet or keys.

These are all key things to think about when buying a new purse. I tend to buy zippered purses because like I mentioned above I can usually fill any purse to the brim and if it has a snap then I usually cannot get it snapped securely.

I grew up in the seventies, those of you who grew up then and followed the style of the time with skin tight jeans know that you can almost always, with a little effort, get a zipper zipped no matter how full!

Depending on your age and how many purses you have owned in your lifetime I am sure many of you know what you like in the way of a purse by now. I know that for many years I always ended up with the wrong purse because I thought it was cute and I had to have it which ultimately ended in frustration.

The important thing is not to be embarrassed to stand in the purse department for long periods of time considering all the aspects of a new purse before purchasing or at least take it home and give it a trial run with the tags on first. It will save wear and tear on your pocket book and your nervous system! We have enough stress in our lives, why let a purse be the culprit?

Author Bio:

The Meyer’s are freelance writers and regular contributors for Nanny Background Check. This husband and wife team have a passion for various subjects like education, career and technology, Parenting etc. If you have any questions email Jack at jackmeyers08 (at) gmail.com.

HOW TO Get Designer Handbags For Less

Internet Deals

You can find sales and coupons on websites for most designer brands. The manufacturer will often post these savings online in an attempt to make a quick sale without having to move the merchandise to a retail location. Most handbag deals are often items from previous seasons. Also items that are more difficult to sell, often get heavily discounted. Internet deals can often offer free shipping to entice buyers to make a quick purchase.

Check Outlet Stores

Most big name brands will have their fair share of outlet stores. They may not be conveniently located but if you find one, they will have great deals for you. Many brands utilize outlet stores to move additional inventory from the previous season at a discounted price anywhere from 25-75% off are common discounts. You will find a wide assortment of products at these outlet stores and a full shopping bag upon leaving.

Personal Listings

Sites such as craigslist.com or local listings could have handbags from people who are trying to sell them at a lower price. Whatever the reason may be, the handbag could be slightly damaged, they may need money, or they could just not want the item anymore, this is good way to find a deal if you look hard enough. Used handbags can be found on these sites as well as thrift stores, consignment shops, and various garage sales. One shopper’s trash is another’s treasure!

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