John From The Prepared Mind Gives Us His Best Advice When Economic Collapse Happens

John from The Prepared Mind has lived around the nation to develop a good sense of what makes a good location to weather the storms ahead. In this video he reveals some of his best advice for what you need to consider when the economy collapses.

Here are some of his thoughts:

  1. What is your personal tolerance for temperature? This is going to greatly determine which place you are going to find the most success at.
  2. Your knowledge of the area will come into play for survival in the days to come. You will need to start locating those resources in the area you settle in.
  3. There is a difference between urban and rural...and then it goes a step further…. urban and sub-urban…and then Remote. Decide where your comfort zone is.He does not like areas like the ENTIRE eastern seaboard. He calls it a disaster zone. Too many people live in this area alone. Avoid the east coast.
  1. The red dots he considers danger zones. Southern Florida, New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City area, the bay area in California, the coastal range, the entire central valley, he describes as death traps. LA, San Diego, Los Vegas, Portland, Seattle, Avoid!
  2. Avoid the areas around the great lakes.
  3. He says you don’t want to be anywhere near Canada. He says they originally had the change the name from Cannabols to Canada… ha ha
  4. Avoid anywhere near the Mexican border.
  5. There are going to be great pockets of great areas around the United States when the collapse happens.
  6. He suggests the areas in blue are areas where there will be pockets of food. I totally diagree with him as countless prophecies suggest Florida will be under water. See those prophecies here
  7. Its going to be harder to live up north than down south. Up north a person needs to consider how they are going to keep warm in the winter.
  8. He describes the appalachian mountains as a great place to be, except almost everyone else has their eye on this specific area…which means you may be looking at natives getting mad with more people moving in.
  9. He points to the upper north west as an area of desert….. with rivers running through. He says there isn’t a lot of hunting in this area, making food hard to come by.
  10. The southern east zone – east of the rockies, has good climate, but also a lot of people who don’t want you to be there if that is not your home. Social interaction issues.
  11. Northern, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio…. Very cold in the winter, but lot of population.
  12. He suggests that no place is any good… yet, he suggests can you live in the climate when you run out of food, and you cannot buy goods any longer?
  13. Start writing down on a piece of paper 3 or 4 places that would be the best bets for you to live in. Start weighing out those options.

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