Listen To One Moms Warning How A Pressure Cooker Caused 3rd Degree Burns On Her Daughters Body

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December 30, 2017

Please read Mary Cooper’s post about a horrific accident that happened with the Instant Pot and her daughter, Caroline, three months ago.

“Three months ago tonight our Caroline was burned when the Instant Pot exploded in her face as I opened it -AFTER venting it – to add kale to the soup we were making. I froze and fell to the ground screaming. She begged me to get her shirt off of her as she was still burning. I got it off and Matt came running downstairs and scooped her up and drove her to the ER closest to our house. I drove after them and when I walked into the hospital and saw her I could not believe it. I seriously couldn’t process what was happening. Her pain was so severe they had to administer FENTANYL 2x.

The next days felt like I was living in a nightmare to wake up and see 3rd degree burns on her face and her body. The days and nights were so heavy and so intense. I would get in the shower and scream so no one would hear me. I am sharing more details about this experience because ONE…. I want to warn you again. Cooking with pressure is absolutely unnecessary. I should have used a regular pot or even a crock pot that day. It seems this device is THE newest kitchen appliance so please be careful if you use it. Do not let your kids anywhere around it.

TWO and most important…. I want to share what I learned. While I was cooking that night, I was annoyed with her because she hadn’t completed her school work. I spoke to her in a very ugly and unkind way. THAT is what replayed in my head over and over and over after the explosion. I begged for her forgiveness over and over and over not only for burning her but for speaking to her like that. What if she was taken from me or had been blinded that night and the last thing she saw was my mean face. It really has made me pause and consider that no school work is more important than her little heart. Nothing of this world is more important than her heart. School will work itself out but if we continue to beat them down about school or whatever, their hearts might not end up ok. If you can identify with any part of this, know that you can change. None of us are perfect. But you can always quickly ask for forgiveness and start over. Your people are not guaranteed to be here tomorrow. Remember that. Through this, we experienced first hand God’s amazing power of peace and healing. She is doing well and wants to work with burned children. God is so good. THREE…We are so incredibly grateful for all of your kind words of encouragement. The gifts, the notes, the meals, the texts AND most of all the prayers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for loving us! xoxo” -Mary Cooper

I cannot tell you how often my kids are around when I am cooking. We know the dangers of the steam while it’s venting but I have never even considered the IP exploding. In reading the manual, it absolutely says that if food gets caught in the release valve or if pressure builds up under the food (not in the correct manner), it CAN explode. I have now read post after post about the lid flying off or the IP exploding. Absolutely devastating and has me thinking hard about the use of this in our home.

Be safe friends and please don’t allow children anywhere around this appliance. Also, when opening yourself, ensure that the pressure is 100% released and that the handle is easy to open as well as lean back.



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