Locate “HATE” Groups In Your Local Area With This Handy Country Wide Map

Look through this searchable map at splcenter.org/hate-map to see who is located in your local areas.

A friend of mine sent me this link which allows you to search nation wide the known groups which are “watched” today.

Here are the categories:

  • Anti Immigrant
  • Anti LGBT
  • Anti Muslim
  • Black Separatist
  • Christian Identity
  • General Hate
  • Hate Music

Don’t be surprised when you see active Christian groups and patriot groups on that list.  Today Christians are being labeled as “hateful” right beside those who belong to the Ku klux klan and socialist marxist groups.

Its considered “hateful” today to have an opinion on sex preference. 

It is also considered hateful to have an opinion on radical Muslims who have been in the news plowing into people with their vehicles with the intentions to kill people.

We have been told not to talk about it, or mention what is written in the Quran.  Its commonly said to be politically incorrect.  

Its not wrong to speak out against extremists whose terror is now dismantling countries like France, Sweden and Germany.

There are Syrian Christians who want to escape the horrors of what is happening in middle east, but they don’t get chosen to re-locate to America.  They would integrate well, but this group of people are a mere fraction of the percentage of those who are chosen to resettle in America. If you are concerned about extremists entering into our country without background checks, you might be considered “hateful” in your thinking.

Read about that here:

  • Why Is Obama Flooding Small Towns In The Most Conservative Parts Of America With Refugees?

You would think it would be common sense to know there is a massive difference between debating ideas AND organizing groups calling for violence like the left is doing today.

There are hate groups who target black people and LGBT groups to inflict harm which is wrong. 

It tells us in the scriptures that we are to be ready with an answer, but also to do it in love.  Our message in no way should be accompanied with violence.

The government has stated in documents who the terrorists are in this country, and you might be surprised that you are on those lists of people they are watching.  Check out below a list of 72 types of Americans who are a problem to the government, and don’t forget to look at that website above to see who is located in your area.  This map may validate those rumors of locals you have always wondered about

72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

1. Those that talk about “individual liberties”

2. Those that advocate for states’ rights

3. Those that want “to make the world a better place”

4. “The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule”

5. Those that are interested in “defeating the Communists”

6. Those that believe “that the interests of one’s own nation are separate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations”

7. Anyone that holds a “political ideology that considers the state to be unnecessary, harmful,or undesirable”

8. Anyone that possesses an “intolerance toward other religions”

9. Those that “take action to fight against the exploitation of the environment and/or animals”

10. “Anti-Gay”

11. “Anti-Immigrant”

12. “Anti-Muslim”

13. “The Patriot Movement”

14. “Opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians”

15. Members of the Family Research Council

16. Members of the American Family Association

17. Those that believe that Mexico, Canada and the United States “are secretly planning to merge into a European Union-like entity that will be known as the ‘North American Union’”

18. Members of the American Border Patrol/American Patrol

19. Members of the Federation for American Immigration Reform

20. Members of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition

21. Members of the Christian Action Network

22. Anyone that is “opposed to the New World Order”

23. Anyone that is engaged in “conspiracy theorizing”

24. Anyone that is opposed to Agenda 21

25. Anyone that is concerned about FEMA camps

26. Anyone that “fears impending gun control or weapons confiscations”

27. The militia movement

28. The sovereign citizen movement

29. Those that “don’t think they should have to pay taxes”

30. Anyone that “complains about bias”

31. Anyone that “believes in government conspiracies to the point of paranoia”

32. Anyone that “is frustrated with mainstream ideologies”

33. Anyone that “visits extremist websites/blogs”

34. Anyone that “establishes website/blog to display extremist views”

35. Anyone that “attends rallies for extremist causes”

36. Anyone that “exhibits extreme religious intolerance”

37. Anyone that “is personally connected with a grievance”

38. Anyone that “suddenly acquires weapons”

39. Anyone that “organizes protests inspired by extremist ideology”

40. “Militia or unorganized militia”

41. “General right-wing extremist”

42. Citizens that have “bumper stickers” that are patriotic or anti-U.N.

43. Those that refer to an “Army of God”

44. Those that are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”

45. Those that are “anti-global”

46. Those that are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”

47. Those that are “reverent of individual liberty”

48. Those that “believe in conspiracy theories”

49. Those that have “a belief that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack”

50. Those that possess “a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism”

51. Those that would “impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”

52. Those that would “insert religion into the political sphere”

53. Anyone that would “seek to politicize religion”

54. Those that have “supported political movements for autonomy”

55. Anyone that is “anti-abortion”

56. Anyone that is “anti-Catholic”

57. Anyone that is “anti-nuclear”

58. “Rightwing extremists”

59. “Returning veterans”

60. Those concerned about “illegal immigration”

61. Those that “believe in the right to bear arms”

62. Anyone that is engaged in “ammunition stockpiling”

63. Anyone that exhibits “fear of Communist regimes”

64. “Anti-abortion activists”

65. Those that are against illegal immigration

66. Those that talk about “the New World Order” in a “derogatory” manner

67. Those that have a negative view of the United Nations

68. Those that are opposed “to the collection of federal income taxes”

69. Those that supported former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr

70. Those that display the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”)

71. Those that believe in “end times” prophecies

72. Evangelical Christians

The groups of people in the list above are considered “problems” that need to be dealt with.  In some of the documents referenced above, members of the military are specifically warned not to have anything to do with such groups.