39 Of The Best Sofa Picks That You Can Buy Online

Frasier Modern Classic Charcoal Linen Black Walnut Sofa $3,612.00 & FREE Shipping

When my husband and I were first married, I dragged him from store to store trying to find the perfect sofa.  We didn’t even think about ordering off of Amazon, but rather just settled for what we could find in our local area.  We did manage to find a nice sofa which we have had for about 9 years now.

There are a couple things to consider before investing in a sofa.

1- Make Sure It Is Comfortable.  A sofa is supposed to look good, and feel comfortable.  If it just looks good, chances are, you will never use it if it is just stiff and uptight.

2.  Don’t Go Armless- Yes, we made that mistake.  When you sit down, you naturally want somewhere to rest your arms and head.  Could your head rest on the sides without feeling awkward?  Could you put your feet up?  Do you think you could read your favorite book in it?  Throw pillows never stay on the ends of a armless sofa.  Just avoid these.

3.  Consider The Fabric – For the most part our sofas were kept in fantastic condition, that is…..until we got cats.  If the material is a loose weave, it just might be used as a scratching pad.  Loose woven materials are irresistible to your fur friends, so consider asking for a swatch before buying online.

4.  Go For Something Plain- You will thank yourself when you decide to redecorate with a different pattern down the road.  It is less expensive to exchange out throw pillows than it is to buy a new sofa.

5.  Look For A Lengthy Sofa- There is nothing like a long couch where you can really stretch out on.  If you can snuggle up on the couch with your spouse, it might be one of those rituals that just keeps you close.  For those Saturday night movies, you want something you can lay on, because who sits up for an entire movie?

Below are a few top designer tips for picking out the best sofa.  In addition, enjoy what I think are the best 39 picks for sofa’s online.

“No sofa is worth its salt if you can’t lie flat on it and take a nap. My perfect length is eight feet. For a less mushy look, I like tight backs with loose seat cushions. But do you go for two cushions, or three? If you only have two cushions, you’ll only ever get two people to sit on it at once—no one wants to sit on the seam. You can also go for a single cushion,which might look more inviting’ but you’ll have to keep fluffing it up” ALEXA HAMPTON

“Change your pillow story. Nothing is about matching and everything is about layering. I just bought a gorgeous needlepoint pillow of the British flag and threw it on my white linen sofa, in a blue-and-white room that also has tangerine and purple velvet in it. Everyone thinks I redid the room.” BARCLAY BUTERA

A sofa should look good from the back, in case you want to liberate it from the wall and float it in a room somewhere down the line.” MALCOLM JAMES KUTNER

Get a classic shape: It will fit anywhere. And don’t skimp. A sofa with a well-made frame and eight-way hand-tied springs in the seat deck can last 30 years. Re-covering usually costs less than half the price of a new sofa, and a good upholsterer can create a whole new look. I remember those old Clarence House ads that ran for years. They always showed just the end of a traditional scroll-armed sofa, but each time it looked completely different because of the fabrics and trimmings.” GARY HUTTON

“Seat height is the most overlooked comfort measurement when people buy a sofa. You don’t want it to be so low that your knees fly up when you sit down, or so high that your feet barely touch the floor. Go for any length you want, but go for a seat height of 18 to 19 inches. Your body will thank you.” WHITNEY STEWART

“The back should be 50/50 or 75/25 down and feather fill, but the seat shouldn’t be that soft. A foam core wrapped in down or a down-and- feather combination gives you a little more support for your bottom.” ERIKA BRUNSON


Row 1

1. Leon Jute Back Sofa- $3,632.48 & FREE Shipping

2. Maison Sofa $3,507.48 + Free Shipping

3. Jute Adele J Sofa By Zentique – $2,875.00 +Free Shipping

4. Louis Sofa, Natural Oak/Linen $2737 + Free Shipping

5. Oxford Linen Sofa, Beige $1,203.21 & FREE Shipping

6. James Mid-Century Modern Linen Sofa $926.25 & FREE Shipping

Row 2

7. Sussex Sofa, Light Grey $908.88 & FREE Shipping

8. Travette Tufted Sofa $599.00 & FREE Shipping

9. Mayfair Sofa And Chaise Slipcover $649.00 & FREE Shipping

10. Watkins Sofa $899.00 & FREE Shipping

11. Brandon Settee $638.99 & FREE Shipping

12. Jessica Sofa $999.00 & FREE Shipping

Row 3

13. Pace Sofa, Walnut White $637.99 & FREE Shipping

14. Henrietta French Country Solid Walnut Natural Linen Sofa $3,763.00 & FREE Shipping

15. Saville Modern Classic Tufted Grey Fabric Upholstered Sofa $1,590.00 & FREE Shipping

16. Palma Hollywood Regency Straight Back Grey Linen Sofa $4,759.00 & FREE Shipping

17. Merrimac Modern Classic English Rolled Arm Light Tan Sofa $1,889.00 & FREE Shipping

18. Matisse French Country Grey Distressed Upholstered Bench Sofa $3,670.00 & FREE Shipping

19. Matisse French Country Grey Distressed Upholstered Bench Sofa $3,670.00 & FREE Shipping


Row 1

1.  Gavin Linen Sofa, Blue $869.09 & FREE Shipping

2. Oxford Linen Right Arm Sectional Furniture, Grey $1,624.14 & FREE Shipping

3. Bryn Velvet Sofa, Grey $1,235.85 & FREE Shipping

4. Double Reclining Sofa, Black Bonded Leather $661.96 & FREE Shipping

5. Glider Reclining Sofa Genuine Leather Brown $1,229.00 & FREE Shipping

6. Convertible/Adjustable Sofa Bed $579.99 & FREE Shipping

7. Florence Style Sofa Set Wool $949.00 & FREE Shipping

Row 2

8. Gordon Tufted Sofa $999.00 & FREE Shipping

9. Beckett Slipcovered Sofa $1,099.00 & FREE Shipping

10.  Fulham Sofa $999.00 & FREE Shipping

12. Maison Sofa in Limed Grey Oak/Aubergine Linen $2,987.50 & FREE Shipping

13. Jute Bastille Sofa, Jute $4,987.50 & FREE Shipping

14. Kardiel Jackie Mid-Century Modern Classic Sofa, Cadet Grey Cashmere Wool $1095 & Free Shipping

15. Candice Hollywood Regency Charcoal Grey Wool Daybed Sofa $1,917.00 & FREE Shipping

Row 3

16. Response Fabric Sofa, Azure $957.75 & FREE Shipping

17. Sectional Sofa, Brown $904.74 & FREE Shipping.

18. Rockford Leather Sofa $999.00 & FREE Shipping

19. Aubert Sofa $3,487.50 & FREE Shipping

21. Futon Montrose Espresso Frame w/ Premium Viva Storm 8″ Mattress Sofa Bed $519.99 & FREE Shipping

22. Benson Moroccan Style Global Bazaar Linen Black Sofa $2,985.00 & FREE Shipping

23. Frasier Modern Classic Charcoal Linen Black Walnut Sofa $3,612.00 & FREE Shipping

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