Luz Aumala de Punto’s Eye For Re-Styling Vintage Furniture With A European Touch

Luz Aumala de Punto

If you love European styled furniture, you may just be inspired by the beautiful transformations that Luz Aumala creates from vintage and antique furniture finds in her Florida shop.

Luz Aumala de Punto owns “The Vintage Warehouse” where you can find the looks of from traditional European interior design styles found from the Mediterranean, France and Spain. 

She has an eye for what upholstery works and what paint finishes give vintage furniture that very old antique feel.  Gray, white and rustic metal finishes are common colors used in many European furniture finishes.

Visit her shop at 1717 W. Arch St. in Tampa Florida or follow her on facebook.

Luz Aumala de PuntoLuz Aumala de Punto

Luz Aumala de Punto

Luz Aumala de PuntoLuz Aumala de Punto

French Style Decorating 

Do you love the hunt for new finds at flea markets? Do find it thrilling to look at things in their raw form, loved for years, chippy and faded? Tired of the one sided glorified looks of Marie Antoinette? Michele Lalande and Gilles Trillard show us there is more than one side to the “French style” than the gilded looks found at Versailles.

Michèle Lalande is a journalist and interior decorator. For many years she has been a regular contributor to various French and other foreign shelter magazines. Gilles Trillard has been a freelance photographer for 25 years. Both are based in Paris.  The pair have produced several books together with the same theme in mind.  If you like antiques, rusty metal, aged lace, raw beat up wooden accessories, old French labels, then this book will be for you.  Rough, organic provincial French, would be the theme of these books……

Get a look behind houses with a raw, unpolished side of decorating in a stunningly beautiful form.  Gather ideas of how to decorate with unique finds you find at markets, objects found in the attic, and re-purpose things that just look old and lovely.  If you love the French looks, but don’t know where to start in your own home, this book will certainly give you ideas of items that can be found on etsy, and ebay.  The sassy, offhand looks found in this book are anything but plain.

If you don’t like the cluttered looks, chippy painted furniture, with raw burlap and faded linen alluring, then this book isn’t for you. Delicate findings around France are pulled together to create homes that are unforgettable and interesting. Look at a new take on the French style with relics collected centuries before us.


“The Eighteenth Mind Today”- here

There are a couple more books that are not available in the US at the moment.  Secrets d’interieurs by Michele Lalande and Gilles Trillard- here on Amazon. View pictures behind this book at Tara Bradford’s blog.

Another book which doesn’t seem to be listed on Amazon US, is the book called “The Eighteenth Mind Today, which might be a different cover, and perhaps the same title as the “The New Eighteenth Century Style.  See the cover below, and its listing here

  • The New Eighteenth-Century Style: Buy it on Amazon for $14 used and $19 new
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Book 1- The New Eighteenth-Century Style by Michele Lalande Hardcover

Book 2 The New Eighteenth-Century Home Hardcover-by Michele Lalande (Author) , Gilles Trillard (Photographer) Buy it on Amazon from $10 used and $24 new

The New French Décor has returned with 29 all-new homes, decorated in the modernized, eclectic version of Pompadour décor that has become so popular in this young century. 272 pages

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The New French Decor Living with Timeless Objects by Michele Lalande and photos by Gilles Trillard- Buy this book from Amazon starting at $11 used, $26 new on Amazon

From precious mundane objects like seashells and glass bottles to priceless works of master craftsmanship like candelabras and carved wooden chests, The New French Décor provides insight into the blend of sophistication, symmetry, confusion, and minimalism that makes each of these rooms successful.

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