Make A Strong Impression With Your Resume Using Loft Resumes

Loft Resumes

Loft says most employers spend about 6 seconds looking at your resume.  Does your resume have something they haven’t seen before?  While a resume from Loft Resumes is not cheap, they typically run at $99, it is an investment worth making. The price includes two rounds of revisions, and any additional revisions later, (adding additional skills or experience) are only $5. When you can only make a first impression once, make it count with something new and fresh with these graphic grabbing resumes from Loft.

Here are my favorites below:

Row 1

1. The French Press – Loft Resumes

2. The Carolina Flight Resume – Loft Resumes

3. The Portfolio – Loft Resumes

Row 2

1. The Dialogue Mind – Loft Resumes

2. The Market Square – Loft Resumes

3. The Detailed – Loft Resumes

Row 3

1. The Atelier Resume – Loft Resumes

2. The New Yorker – Loft Resumes

3. True Scout – Loft Resumes