36 Costume Jewelry Pieces That Look Expensive!

Favorites On EbayDo you have a holiday party that you need a bit of extra bling for?  Every once in a while I come across a seller on ebay that features great designs for less.  Consider checking out Fantasyudream on ebay for some great costume pieces that you could wear out for New Years Eve, on the weekend or on that next date.

Why Not Wear Bling to Work?

Fancy costume pieces don’t only have to make their appearance during the holiday season.  Start wearing them to work.  If you work in an office, where you are required to wear business attire, consider buying jewelry instead of investing in a dozen of new outfits.  Mixing up your wardrobe couldn’t be easier than adding a few statement necklaces to your wardrobe.

Fantasy You Dream Jewelry- On Ebay

Inexpensive jewelry can change up your look on a weekly basis, here are a few tips how to do it:

-Mixing solid dress suits tones down heavy jewelry.  Colors like black, gray or white suits can be a perfect combination with silver based jewelry.  Colored suits such as bright red, purple, orange work terrific with gold, where as the cooler shades such as purple and blue look nicer with silver.

– Wear silver together, and gold together, but don’t mix the two.  The same goes for different styles.  If you have a necklace that has a lot of very distinct designs such as curves, don’t pair it with a modern rectangular styled earring.  Pairing together modern looks with very ornate looks can seem to be too much together.  Showcasing a really heavy ring, or necklace by itself can make your jewelry appear more expensive.

– Stack your necklaces together to make a statement.  Solid gold chain necklaces look well together, and so do varieties of pearls.  If you have a number of chain and pearl necklaces, make a statement and wear several of your chains at once.

Favorites On Ebay

Circles & Loops Dangle Earrings w/pavé White CZs, .925 Sterling Silver $176

Favorites On EbayStunning Classic MultiCircle Necklace-pavé White CZ-18″ $75

Favorites On EbayStunning Classic Multi Circle Bracelet w/pavé White CZs $39

Favorites On EbayMy favorites From Fantasyudream on Ebay

Favorites On EbayDazzling Cross Pendant w/Round & Baguette White CZs $27.99

Favorites On Ebay“Cool/Hot” Chandelier Earrings – Light Blue & Blue CZs $54

Favorites On EbayGlamorous Dangle Earrings – Turquoise & White CZs $66

Favorites On Ebay“Cool/Hot” Chandelier Earrings – Amethyst & Lavender CZs $54

Favorites On EbayTimeless 2-stone Dangle Earrings-Lavender & Amethyst CZ $42

Favorites On EbayCircles & Loops Dangle Earrings – pavé Pink CZs – Rose Gold Plated $98

Favorites On EbayElegant Mobile Dangle Earrings – Multicolor CZs $65

Favorites On EbayRectangular Pendant with Champagne Solitaire CZ & Pavé $26

Luxurious Cushion Classic Pendant – Champagne+White CZs$34.99

Aura of Serenity Classic Pendant- Champagne & White CZs $34.99

Favorites On Ebay“Cool/Hot” Chandelier Earrings – Peridot & Olivine CZs$54

Winsome Chandelier Dangle Earrings w/Champagne,Olivine & Garnet CZs$75.99

Favorites On EbayTimeless 2-stone Dangle Earrings w/ Peridot & Olive CZs $42

Timeless 2-stone Dangle Earrings w/ Smoky & Black CZs $42

Favorites On EbayFancy Bracelet- Variety Of Colors $128

Use this as a choker necklace !

Favorites On Ebay

My favorites From Fantasyudream on Ebay

Favorites On EbayStunning MultiCircle Necklace-pavé Black & White CZ-16″ $75