Short Nails Finally Grow After 15 Years! A Miracle Product That Is Safe

There is a nail product that actually works for me!

If you have challenging nails that don’t grow, break easily, then this product just might work for you as well.

My nails have always been frail, ……so thin they would break if they had a chance to grow out.  I would put on fake nails, just so my nails would have a chance to grow.  After removing the false nails, my nails would be long and beautiful, but even after putting on layers of strengthener to save the length, the polish would peel off, and my nails would break in a matter of days.

I had tried a lot of the strengthen polishes found on the shelves of the drug stores with absolutely no success. I have had terrible nails for a long time, tried a number of products, and nothing would work.

I came across this polish when I was researching a topic that suggested a common chemical found in nail polish had been known to cause birth defects in the genitals of baby boys. I wanted to be safe when choosing make-up, shampoo and nail products, because I didn’t want to take a chance with my baby.  You can read about what I found here.

I found that there were just a few polishes available on Amazon that are  formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP FREE.  Rejuvacote Formaldehyde Free Nail Hardener Growth System was one of those polishes, so I decided to give it a try.  My nails have never looked so good.

My nails are strong and have a nice length to them.  I can apply the polish and my nails are dry under a minute which works nicely with a small baby and very little time.  Another thing I really enjoy about this polish is that one coat is enough to make your nails appear hard.  With other brands, it seems like you need multiple coats to feel the strength. With one coat, the polish doesn’t peel off like other brands.  I feel good that this product contains less chemicals, and for once in my life, my nails look great!  I can finally wear some of my pretty rings!

Give it a try.  It is a bit more than your typical nail polish, at $15 dollars,…..but a bottle will last you a long time.

What is the difference between Formeldhyde and Formeldhyde resin ?

According to loodieloodieloodie, a nail specialist, says that  Formaldehyde is actually a gas.  Formaldehyde mixed with water makes a totally new compound (with its own physical and chemical properties) called Formalin, or even more accurate Methylene Glycol.  This is the chemical that is put in hardeners and the correct name that companies should be using.  Formaldehyde gas is the real “poison” that can cause cancer.  However, even then you would have to inhale formaldehyde gas in large doses and for long periods of time.  I am talking about the type of exposure one would get in a formaldehyde manufacturing plant and not from nail treatments/hardeners evaporating.

There may be traces of formaldehyde gas left in the formaldehyde resin, but they are in the same concentration levels found in some foods, even organic foods.