28 Of The Hottest Handbags For The Spring

Handbags are always popular accessories, and their styles are always changing.  Here are a couple styles to keep in mind for this spring and summer:

Clutches with Handles

Clutches have been big for a long time, but bigger clutches with handles are really coming into fashion because they are small but comfortable to wear.  If you are wanting a smaller bag…look for bags like these.

Pastel Colored Leather

If you like simple looks, go with leather, or faux leather in a light pastel shade.  These bags are often simple in style that they could go with every outfit.  If you want a bag that has spring colors that can transition into the summer, go with pastels that are classy and simple.

HandbagsPesaro Cross-Body Bag ( $61 )

Tapestry Style Handmade Sequin Beaded Pochette Shoulder Bag ( $35 )

White Bags

Cream or white leather bags have always been an expensive look when it comes to handbags.  No matter what style you go with this style of bag won’t date over the years.  You can hold on to your simple white handbag for years to come and never get tired of it.

Fold Over Bags

The small, foldover bag is both useful and luxurious looking. These bags are so common that you may already have one.  These bags are perfect for the train or metro, because they offer an extra level of security, in additional to being fashionable.

Printed Bags

Printing on bags allows designers to use a huge array of designs, and they give your bag a lot of life. All over designs can be a elegant look.  These bags are great, because they go with almost any outfit.  Think foliage for the spring and summer.  Butterflies and flowers are so pretty for this time of year.

Tiny Bags

One of the big trends over the last few summers is smaller bags. Nothing does that better than the tiny bag. Tiny, micro bags that fit into your hand are the big thing, because hauling around a large bag gets tiresome. Not only that, but these are great to take out on a weekend of walking and strolling around.  You can easily take these bags biking, or for a walk.

Cross Body Bags

These bags are often used by students because they have a lot to carry, but they are also becoming a fashion trend that is setting precedence. These bags can sling across your body making it easy to shop antique markets, go grocery shopping, or handle the kids.

Weekend Bags

People going on weekend trips tend to have these over sized weekend bags. They are used to carry a lot of items, which makes them sound more functional than fashionable. Use these bags in your car, or in the stroller to house larger objects, or update your luggage with one of these bags.


Another very tiny bag, the wristlet is most commonly found at formal events and dinners. These bags are made exclusively to be held in the hand, so they are very tiny. However, despite their size, they are making a big impact in handbag styles. These bags tend to have brighter colors and patterns.

Above are my picks for this spring and summer.

Meranda's Picks -28 Of The Hottest Handbags For The Spring

  • Rebecca Minkoff bAGS
  • Nine West BAGS
  • Anne Klein Handbags
  • Nine West Handbags

Meranda's Picks -28 Of The Hottest Handbags For The Spring

  • Sorrentino Handbags
  • MG Collection

Meranda's Picks -28 Of The Hottest Handbags For The Spring

  • Ted Baker Bags, 
  • Aldo Handbags
  • G by GUESS
  •  Signare Handbags