That Quick Morning Hair Fix You Need – Jessica Simpson Hairdo Extensions

Hairdo By Jessica SimpsonToday’s modern woman is busy that she doesn’t have an extra 15 minutes for her makeup or hair in the morning as she rushes off to work, often eating breakfast in the car, after she has dropped the kids off at school.  Moms, wives, and the working ladies are pulled in so many directions that often the last thing we pay attention to is ourselves. We forget about “us”.

We have all had a bad hair day.  I know I have worn my plain ponytail for at least 20 years in a row!  Every woman wants to try a new hairstyle, but hates to change an existing look that has worked well for so many years.

I was intrigued when I first saw Jessica Simpson’s clip in bangs. Have you ever heard of such a thing?  If you love the look of bangs, but don’t want to be married to the look for the next couple years, clip in bangs are a great solution.  I just finished ordering a set for myself!  Several years ago, I cut heavy bangs for myself, and they worked really nicely for the first day, and afterwards I couldn’t wait until they grew out.  Fast forward several years later, after reaching a goal of having my hair all one length, I find myself interested in a change-up again.

Hair extensions allow you to change up your look, while still being able to resort back to that hair cut that just looks great on you.  Extensions can be a life saver on the days that the kids just don’t cooperate in the mornings, or those days where the extra 15 minutes in bed just make a world of difference.  If you have those off days (or weeks), where you feel entitled to be lazy, and just don’t want to spend the extra time curling or straightening your hair, extensions will allow you to look presentable at work without any effort.

We have uploaded several pictures of Jessica’s color swatches into our gallery.  She has two color lines.  One for her real human hair line, and the other for the synthetic hair line.  The ebay seller will list the colors of the product you are interested in along with the colors that are available, and all you have to do is simply match up the color charts we have uploaded.

EBAY Sellers Who Sell Jessica’s Hair Extension Line In Many Colors

– 204 Hair Results Under “Jessica Simpson” king_rat_75

– 91 Hair Results Under “Jessica Simpson”  allusive4style

How To Use Jessica’s Hair Line- Videos

– Clip In Bangs by Hairdo | How To- By Hair Talk On You Tube

–  Behind the Scenes with Ken Paves & E! With Hairdo Extensions Youtube

– 23″ Wavy Extension by Hairdo – You tube

– Swept Away Clip In Bangs by Hairdo- Perfect For Work- Youtube

– Mid-Length Wrap Around Ponytail by Hairdo – You Tube

– Instant Glamour | 15″ Wavy Clip In Hair Extensions by Hairdo- Youtube

-Angled Cut Short Wig by Hairdo- You Tube

-19″ Layered Straight | How To Youtube

-5 Different Ways to Wear Bangs – Luxy Hair On Youtube

Changing your look with out chemicals by using extention clip on hair- Christina Marie

Jessica Simpson Wrap Around Pony Hair ExtensionI love this! Watch the  23″ Wrap Around Pony by Hairdo By Hairdo- You Tube

This look is quick and easy! You can have that long sexy hair in seconds.  Watch how the hair dresser teases the top part of the hair to create volume. 

Style A Do Jessica SimpsonStyle a Do Jessica Simpson2– Style-A-Do / Mini-Do Duo Pack by Hairdo – LOVE THIS! Formal Looks- Youtube

Look how easy this would be for work!  Simply pull your hair into a ponytail, and wrap around the hair which is on an elastic.  It cannot be easier than that! 

Jessica Simpson Color Chart

Hairdo’s 23” Clip-In Wavy ExtensionHairdo’s 23” Clip-In Wavy Extension

22” Clip-In Layered Straight Extension

22” Clip-In Layered Straight Extension

Swept Away Hair Extensions Jessica SimpsonSwept Away Clip In Bangs by Hairdo- Youtube

This look is a longer bang that you can combine with an updo, or longer hair.

Hair Extensions Jessica SimpsonMid-Length Wrap Around Ponytail by Hairdo- Watch On Youtube

Great for short, thin hair.


In the article “Hair Extensions for short hair, by Scott Rosam gives us three tips to consider when incorporating hair extensions with your real hair.  Hair extensions for short hair can often look unnatural as there is no blend allowance that you often find with longer hair.  Here are a couple great tips that will allow your extensions to look real when pairing them with your existing short hair.

1. Choose The Right Length Of Extension:

Purchase hair extensions that are no longer than double the lengths of the natural short hair. So if you have a bob hair style, only buy hair extensions that are no longer than just below your shoulders.

2.  Add A Ton Of Volume

Adding a wave, curl or texture to your hair extensions and shorter hair will help blend the layers, resulting in a natural and volumous style.

3.  Color Matching

Colour matching is important as your new hair extension will seamlessly blend with your real hair color.  Consider going to your salon to get highlights of your new extensions in your real hair to further blend the colors together.  Some people like adding hair extensions to give them a dip dye effect.  Scott Rosam, strongly advises against this look for short hair as it would be far too obvious.

Clip In BangsInstant Fringe with Clip in Bangs by Hairdo- Youtube

Fast easy way to add bangs to your hair.

hair extensions

I just purchased these bangs, which over 2,800 others have bought from this seller.