3 Ways To Wear Color In The Winter


Winter can be a dark time of year, that it can be very natural to want color back into your life half way through the season.  Introducing some brighter colors into your wardrobe will help your mood as you face a largely gray and dark brown landscape from day to day.  Here are a couple ways to get color into your winter collections.

Green Winter Shades

Green is always a color you simply cannot go wrong with. A bright kelly green or bold emerald green is a spectacular shade for making impressions at evening events. From modern lime green to classic forest green, there are so many different variations of this color that will work with your winter slacks, sweaters and accessories. Black, dark brown, camel, and gray for boots, gloves, and leather handbags coordinate very well with green. Gold tones work as embellishments with a green colored coat.

Blue Winter Shades

Sapphire blue has always been a popular shade because of it’s brilliance. Sapphire is a shade that looks good on pretty much everybody regardless of the complexion, hair color or skin tone.

Canary Yellow and Pink Shades

Pastel tones have been featured in runways this season, so don’t think that choosing pink, means your in the wrong season. This year, fall and winter are claiming pink for their own. With so many shades of pink available, you can go soft or vibrant. Pink will always highlight your skin, so you cannot go wrong with this shade. If you are working with a pale pink coat, consider pairing it with a mustard colored scarf. For bolder fuchsia shades, work with gray and silver accent shades. Canary yellow is a brighter version of traditional yellow we are used to seeing in the fall. If you don’t want to go too bright, try pairing a brighter yellow accessory with a muted mustard yellow or rust. These colors look terrific paired with gold and rose gold accents. Work yellows with camel brown and navy blue.

Go Bold With Red

Red, is bold and vibrant and often a step up in vibrance from red wine shades that are usually really popular through the winter seasons. Pair a vibrant red with shades of burgundy, rum, chocolate and beige to soften the color.

How To Incorporate Color Into Your Wardrobe- The 1o1……

1. Color Integration- It’s All About Layering:

Layering is the name of the game through the winter seasons.  Wearing a couple layers is practical in my house when the temperate drops.  While dressing for your day, go for a couple layers that can add depth to your outfit.  There are great choices out there for the base, mid, and outer layers. For your first layers, consider staying away from non breathable fabrics and and choosing wool.  Wool under shirts tends to let your body breath, where as man made fabrics tends to traps moisture.  For your under layers, keep them loose.  Buy one or two sizes extra large, which will keep your body breathing, and warm.

For your base layers work with corduroy pants, linen tops, and wool sweaters.  Work your outfit in such a way that when you do take off that outer layer, you will still look put-together.

Have fun mixing and matching colors.  Working neutral slacks and tops allows you to include a pop of color in either a layer or an accessory, and change your look from day to day without your main pieces changing a heck of a lot.

Choose a well fitted jacket that allows you to wear a thick sweater without feeling constrained.  Longer coats allow you to leave them open, while at the same time allow you to feel warm.  Shorter jackets will show off your figure more, and allow you freedom of getting in and out of your vehicles with ease.

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2.  Change Things Up With A Couple Scarves

Scarves aren’t too expensive, which allow you to change up your look without having to invest in a pricey new jacket.  Buying a neutral colored coat, (pink, beige, black, cream or white) allows you to introduce textures and patterns with your every day jacket.  Why not wear a boldly colored scarf to offset the monochromatic tone of your coat? Scarves with bold patterns can also offset the solid look of the coat you’re wearing.  Go for long and bright, or soft and subtle.  This is a very inexpensive way to change things up with color.

3.  Work A Belt Over Your Jacket For A Designer Edge

You might have a belt or sash that comes with your coat, an if not, buy one that will work with your coat.  Go for leather, or work with color.  You can match the belt or sash to the color of your slacks, shoes or handbag. This trick helps break up the ensemble, which can add definition to waist and add length to your legs.

If your jacket and pants are pretty professional from day to day, dress up your ensemble with a boldly colored handbag, classy pair of heels or boots, and work in a brightly colored felt hat.  Jewelry, such as chandelier earrings with a bit of color can add that striking contrast you are after. These bright pops of color are easily switched out to suit where ever you are going. There are plenty of ways to dress up your winter ensemble—you just need to be a little adventurous.

How To Use Accessories To Your Advantage

As all fashionistas know, there are many staples of style. While some change seasonally, such as cuts and colors, others are always fashionable, like the perfect little black dress. However, fashion lovers also understand that part of style is customizing your wardrobe and expressing yourself.

Here are five customizable accessories that can work for almost anyone.

Fashion Tip 1: Hair

The first tip is to make sure your hair always looks like you spent at least 15 minutes styling it. The simple wake up, get out of bed, walk out the door without attending to your bed hair does not work with the high fashion look favored by celebrities. Hair that is slicked back with some hair gel or slightly tousled with hair wax is the perfect hairstyle for this red carpet celebrity look. Some great hair products for men are the American Crew Styling Gel for men as well as the English Laundry Shiny Hair Wax.

Fashion Tip 2: Tailored Suit

The second tip is to make sure you get a tailored suit. The difference between a perfectly fitted tailored suit and one you just bought at the department store could be monumental. Not only does a tailored suit exude high class and poise, it also exudes confidence and sexiness that women will not be able to ignore.

Fashion Tip 3: Shoes

Shoes– The kind of shoes you wear can say a lot about you.  Play around with colors to see what works best for you, and don’t be afraid to try something funky and unique to better tell those you meet more about your custom style.

Shop In Your Closet- Restyle Your Own Jewelry-

Here’s How:

It can be pretty sad when a piece of jewelry we absolutely loved is out of style. But who’s to say we have to chuck them out when they get old, or even replace them?

There are some great ways we can recycle our old pieces of jewelry and use them to spice up our current wardrobe in different ways. Here I’ll run through some easy but effective ways to use old pieces to make new ones.

  • Use your old earrings and stitch of pin them onto a leather bag for an instantly stylish look.
  • Dangly earrings can be used to easily make key ring pendants and can update an old bag so quickly!
  • Think about gluing old earrings to hair clips for a glamorous fashion statement in your hair
  • Old necklaces can wrap the necklace around your wrist for a bracelet
  • Rings can be used to hold a scarf around your neck.
  • A pendant can be reused as a brooch.
  • Vintage earrings used as a bracelet- Pinterest
  • Use brooches as napkin rings – Pinterest
  • Sunburst brooch used on a purse- pinterest
  • Hammered spoons made into something special- Pinterest

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