5 Ways To Re-Style An Outdated Vintage Coat

Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Jackets

Maybe you already have a couple coats in your closet, or you are ready to make a change up for this season and start fresh…either way, here are a couple tips which you can do to make your existing coats look more expensive than they really are:

  • Adding A Custom Matching Belt- A belt can give a boxy jacket a sleek and chic look. If your jacket is longer, consider having the jacket brought up a bit, which will allow you to use the same material for the belt. You can pick up a vintage or modern brass belt buckle on ebay that works with the overall style you are attracted to.  Other great belt choices include leathers and shiny brass looks that add sparkle and interest.

Cekaso Women’s Trench Coat Asymmetrical Draped Waterfall Lapel Jacket $23 Amazon

Anthropologie Montaigne Coat Wool

Bridget Hall Fronts Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 Campaign by Daniel Jackson

Bridget Hall Fronts Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 Campaign by Daniel Jackson


  • Replacing Old Buttons-  Replacing existing buttons, and adding more buttons to your coat can make your jacket appear more prestigious. If you like the silver metals, or prefer brass, add extra buttons along the backside of your sleeve, and in the front, and along the upper neckline will make your jacket appear more outspoken and special.  Take a look at the designer jackets, and borrow button placements from pricy designer jackets.  When shopping in consignment shops, don’t let even the ugliest of buttons keep you from buying a vintage jacket that fits well and is made right.  On ebay, you can look for buttons under the names of “brass button lot”, which will allow you to buy a large quantity of buttons for less money, than spending $3 or more for a pair.  Depending on how crafty you are, you may be able to do this yourself, but if you can’t sew at all, most dry cleaning facilities offer simple sewing repairs and services, such as sewing on buttons.
  • Adding Faux Fur To Collars and Cuffs- Collars and cuffs can be given a dressed up and dramatic look with faux fur. These can be purchased ready-made at fabric shops, or if you are handy, you can make them yourself.  You can buy a faux fur collar which can be sewed on to a jacket from $20 dollars from ebay. Fur cuffs can cost as little as $35 dollars for a set, which can be used to dress up a tight sweater or added to a coat or a pair of gloves.
  • Trim, Braiding, Leather Trim- Use embroidery, leather or soutache braid to add to the bottom of the jacket, sleeves, pocket edges, and other areas. Adding trim can change the look of the jacket and give it a formal appearance.

Here are a couple great finds on ebay

– Military braid trim from Heritage Trading

– Metallic Braid From Heritage Trading

– 3MM Soutache Braid Cord String (Easy to sew in loops and patterns for sleeves) available in light blue, mint, gray, green, peach, white and many more colors. 25 yard spool from $5.99 Glamourla

-4mm Nylon Parachute Soutache Cord Braid 20 Meters per Roll $12 From Rose Beading

 Pulling It All Together

At the beginning of every season, we begin to take a look through our wardrobe to plan for the  coming months. As sweaters, slacks and accessories change from year to year, coats remain constant. We wear them year-round.

When you buy quality used coats, you can dress them up by putting a few of your own touches to make it your own.  A few touches here or there may be a very small investment in comparison to the cost of a new coat.

This season, before you shop for a new jacket, try it out. Buy a used jacket and see what you can do with it. Dress it up using some of the ideas suggested or come up with some ideas of your own. You’ll save money and end up with a look that’s all your own.

Here is a list of quality designer coats to search on ebay

Anthropologie Wool Coat Ebay
Anthropologie Tweed Ebay
Balenciaga Coat Ebay
Balmain Coat Ebay
Banana Republic Coats Ebay

Burberry Wool Coats Ebay
H & M Wool Coat Ebay
Diane Von Furstenberg Coats Ebay
Guess Pea Coats Ebay
J Crew Pea Coats Ebay
Juicy Couture Coats Ebay
Steve Madden Coats Ebay
Marc Jacobs Coats Ebay
Michael Kors Coats Ebay
Lolita Winter Wool Coats Ebay
Ralph Lauren Military Jacket Ebay
Ralph Lauren Wool Coats Ebay
Victorian Wool Coat Ebay
Steampunk Jackets Ebay
Velvet Military Jackets Ebay

Saving money on your wardrobe is smart shopping. You can find some great jacket bargains at consignment shops, yard sales, and even at military supply shops. In most cases, you will pay a fraction of what the jacket is actually worth. This makes shopping at these places fun and cost-effective. Plus, you can use some of the money you save to ‘dress up’ your jacket purchases.

Decorate Your Military Jacket With Cording

Decorate Your Military Jacket With Cording

Baby Gap Toddler Boys' Band Jacket

White Cording On Navy With Brass Buttons

An Example Of Red Cording On A Green Jacket

An Example Of Red Cording On A Green Jacket

Military Jacket Updates Seen On HersiteIdeas To Update Your Winter Coat

GRACIA Military CoatDress Up Military Jackets With 3 Rows Of Buttons. 

Use A Solid Button (navy on navy) with brass buttons

GRACIA Military Coat

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Add A Wide Belt To Your Jacket

Fashion Belts Seen On Hersite

Double Buckle Wide Leather Corset Waist Belt here $11.90
BG Petite Weaved Leather Buckle Elastic Belt here $12.
Wide High Waist Crack Distressed Soft Leather Belt here $14
Wide High Waist Double Buckles Stretch Belt here $25
Shaper Corset Leather Steel Boned Belt here $79
Ladies Wide Nail Head Studded Fashion Belt here $21
Wide Elastic Corset Waist Belt in Black,
Wide Elastic Corset Waist Belt – Tan $11
Gold Tone Double D Ring Buckle Brown Wide Belt here $7
Ladies Wide Nail Head Studded Fashion Belt here $26
Wide High Waist Ring Stretch Belt here $19
Herebuy – Leather Waist Belt – Brown here $7

Burberry Aviator Jacket

Burberry Aviator Jacket

This has to be one of the most fabulous coats as seen on the runways. Double breasted on top singed with belt. The back has the most amazing design with pleat and tabs. Done in a plush wool and lined.