Mom Helps 3 Year Old Son Heal Brain Cancer After He Is Sent Home To Die

Tyler Hook was diagnosed with Stage 4 Medulloblastoma (brain cancer) at 3 years old. After six weeks of radiation and five months of chemotherapy treatments at St. Jude failed to cure him, he was given 3 weeks to live and sent home on hospice to die. He is now 6-years-old and cancer free after no further conventional treatment.

Please enjoy this touching interview with Tyler’s mom Sunshine, who saw hospice as an “open door” to use nutrition and natural therapies to help her son heal.

Show Notes:
-Tyler’s symptoms before his diagnosis of brain cancer [1:05]
-When you believe the doctors have your child’s best interest at heart [3:25]
-Why Sunny never “threw in the towel” or gave up hope [8:45]
-Natural therapies they used with Tyler [10:04]
-The point when she knew that what they were doing was working [17:33]
-The problem with opiate-based pain medicine for cancer [28:15]
-What happens if parents refuse chemotherapy for their children [31:24]
-Sunny’s beautiful response to moms who feel lost and discouraged [35:05]