Moms Chime In On Natural Suggestions For Severe Constipation For Children

Do your children suffer with constipation?  Several moms chime in on this topic from Facebook:


Natural ways to ‘cure’ severe constipation in a 4 year old?

Went to the er bc he was crying all night in pain, and he won’t take any meds for it(we were desperate). He spits them out and screams. The er doctor said it was the worst case he’s seen in a child, then sends us home to give miralax every day twice a day, and then twindle it down once he is emptied out.

Yes he takes a probiotic, only for a week and it hasn’t helped. He’s had these issues over a year. He’s a very picky eater and just refuses to go, he’ll hold it and hold it. This is the worst it’s ever been, his stomach is tender to the touch and harder than usual.
I’ve got a plan for when he’s empty such as the probiotic and try to sneak more fiber in some how, also looking into a chiropractor asap. but I need a quick way to get him emptied out. Thanks in advance.

Hema  As a temporary measure could you try suppositories? We had the same issue with our girl for a year or two- we used those everyday for a while. We had to lay her down and make sure it went in. Guaranteed she’d go to the toilet straight away. It was toug…See More

Meadow  -We actually did use one. It didn’t work until just a while ago. I may do that then. Get some more and do them for a bit to empty him out completely

Hema  –Also try essential oils, we used Digize and Fennel on her tummy in a circular motion. One way is for constipation, the other diarrhoea. Can’t remember which you’ll have to google sorry. Young Living brand is excellent. Hope he overcomes it soon.
My girl is 6 and still tries to get away with not going. It’s terrible. She’s a lot better though.

Denise -Organic prune juice and lots of water. How many billion cultures in the probiotic he is taking?

Mika  Apple juice. Straight prunes would be best, but good luck getting a 4 year old to eat them.

Joyce  You could try adding some MCT oils. We used to mix prune juice with some better tasting juice for my son.

Anita – Large amounts of vit c to bowel tolerance will shift everything provided you can get him to drink enough – coconut water, spring water with a little himalayan salt, fruit juice etc. I used this after a week of morphine turned my gut contents to virtual concrete, even the hospital medications weren’t working – vit c did in three hrs.

Caroline  Miralax is dangerous stuff. Neurotoxic……tens of thousands of complaints . Milk of magnesia is much better.

Brittany – Liquid glycerin suppositories work for our daughter. She has had some doozies. We usually find it happens when she hasn’t had enough water. I hope this helps.

Brittany – no miralax. It doesn’t even work if they’re not hydrated enough.

Stewart  Try 1 litre/day Volvic or silicon rich mineral water!

Wendy – Raisins. Raisin oatmeal cookies.

Jennifer  Eliminate all dairy & gluten. Add magnesium to the diet. Sounds like you can benefit greatly from my book. Picky eating & the symptoms you mention, just tells me the gut needs some attention. To empty out: oxypowder works great.

Janet  Epsom salts baths! He will absorb the magnesium through his skin.

Ali  Black strap molasses.. 1/2 -1 teaspoon and you will POOP.. make a recipe with it so he’ll be more likely to try it

Chelsey  Try the 4 P’s = Peaches, Pears, Plums, and Pineapples. It works……

Catharine  I agree with the high vit. C should help the turn the situation around.

Michelle  Warm prune juice and I would stick to the probiotics or try a different kind

Megan  If you want to clean him our fast, you could try an enema. There are different types, but you can do just filtered warm water.

Shelly  Swiss Kriss is gentle and not addictive. I’d suggest an enema for quick, fast results. That’s what our moms and grammas did. Works like a charm.

Melisa  use fleet. to get it started. for picky eaters i suggest morning star breakfast “sausage” link and baby food pouches with fruit and veggies, and yogurt pouches, i know its weird cause the child is older, but my son had the same problem and those got

Shelly — any vaxxes or antibiotics ever?

Leigh  My son would get horrible constipated from dairy. Senna tea can be really strong. Perhaps too strong. As can Epsom salt dissolved in water, drink. Not sure of exact dose. Make sure a toilet is nearby.

Peter  Flax seed tea! It lubricates the colon. Add one teaspoon of organic flax seeds to a cup of boiled water, let it sit overnight, then strain it and use the liquid. It’s tasteless and you can add it to anything he drinks. Start with a teaspoon a day and no more than a tablespoon. It will work, but may take 24 hours to see results. Search it out on the web, it aids in many digestive issues

Madelin  Calm magnesium the raspberry lemonade kind. My kids love it! Also castor oil on stomach with a warm compress will help it move through

Cathy -magnesium will take care of it immediately and will help his little body without side effects. I would give him 1/2 tsp in juice.

Ashley -There are like two specific probiotics that help with constipation. One is acidolphilus. It can cause immune stimulation and if there is any auto-immune in play then it can cause problems. I would try that one specifically but if you seen any negative …

Cathy – Miralax is terrible, never use it for a child, it doesn’t work anyway.

Des – Pear juice with butter. A nurse recommended this and it actually works. Warm up the juice & melt a teaspoon of butter in it.

Kelley-My acupuncturist swears by blackstrap molasses.

Sonya – Slippery elm

Liz  Haven’t read any of the comments, but my son, 7 yrs old, was hospitalized for constipation. He sees an acupuncturist weekly to help move things along, drinks a magnesium drink called Natural Calm daily and he is dairy free. With the magnesium drink its easy to go down, my boys love it and it tastes really good.

Lori RN BIOME MEDIC… is working for kids and adults… it’s new on the market… plant-based. Not synthetic chemicals made in a lab AND neutralizes glyphosate which is blocking the GI system

Lori RN GLYPHOSATE might be the cause … 93% Americans test positive.

Jenni  Stop miralax and fruit juices and tree fruit,no prunes or raisins, start quercetin. See if that helps long term. Histamine intolerance can do this and give digestion problems. Watermelon, coconut and salt water or some salty snack will do it.

Christina  Chiropractic adjustment of the sacrum and low back area. You could also massage this area to help loosen the area up. Also have him bring his knee up to his chest one leg at a time, then both.

Lindsay  This is for constipation in children and infants. These oils must be diluted though. I’d do 1-2 drops EO to 1 tbsp carrier oil.
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Amy – what is his diet like?

Nadine  Enema? Anything he drinks or eat will only help with future waste… not the waste that is already backed up. As weird as it may sound…. get some lube for him(or you as a parent) to rub on his anus (maybe even a numbing kind?) and try an enema… it’s going to hurt but it will only get worse. One of my nieces has horrible constipation but it’s because of an intestinal issue… she has to do biweekly enemas ?

Caroline His digestion needs overall assistance. I would really recommend the gaos diet protocol a temporary dietary protocol for gut help

Maggie  You can eat raw coconut oil and that’ll loosen you up as well . It works for me when I’m constipated .

Ann  Back b4 I knew any better my daughter used both Miralax and laxatives. When she was 7 she was so impacted I actually took her to a hydra-therapist who cleaned her own. From that point on with diet modification we were able to keep her away from constipation and she usually has at least 1 BM/day.

Jade – Sprinkle some milled flax seed on to his food.

Angela  Berry Koch Tamarind juice may work. You buy the pods and crack off the shells and then boil ten minutes. Cool and add honey. Also lactulose is a good purge.

Rebecca  Gut message..looking at the stomach like a clock, start at 9 oclock out from belly button area and gently gently using tips of fingers push and slide traveling in a clockwise way round and down to 6 oclock.. repeat few times, and do several times daily.. you can look up somewhere I suppose a picture for correct placement. Works for me and my boy when a babe.

Agnes  Does he like apple juice, or apple cider? Might work for him.