How I Made My Own Klismos Chair – Do It Yourself Decorating

Meranda's Klismos Chair Makeover 1

Making Faux Klismos Chairs – My Summer Projects

I have always admired the Greek/ Roman Klismos chairs that have been brought back into fashion over the last 5 years.  The design lends itself to a very exaggerated look, which makes it interesting to look at.

The original Klismos chairs were created by the Greeks during the 6th Century BC and were the first chairs that allowed people to sit freely and in a relaxed, natural position.  More than two thousand years after, the chair was revived during the later 18th and early 19th Centuries.
Classic Klismos chairs feature a curved back, horizontal back splats, and saber legs.  I have felt inspired by the Gustavian looks, with the fluted legs, so combining both styles was something I entertained.  The pavilion of King Gustaf III at Haga Castle near Stockholm features furniture that also has this design.
How My Chairs Came About……

I bought a fabulous pair vintage Henredon chairs from my friend Jessie several years back when I lived in Seattle.  The chairs had a tall back, and lovely fluted legs, and were ideal for my home.  Sadly, they sat in my garage, until I got around to them this summer.

The back piece came into my hands, when about 8 years ago, someone was cleaning out their apartment in Virginia, I managed to save a rounded Ikea floor chair from going to the trash, which I knew I wanted to re-use some day.

The rounded part of the furniture worked well for the back of the chair, which was cut in half to make two backs, and then screwed into the chair, which was also cut down to size.

Thin wood molding was purchased from Home Depot, and soaked in water to bend to fit the shape.  Using a nail gun, the molding was nailed into place, and let dry.  With wood filler, I filled in any extra gaps.

The pair of chairs were painted in a muted green, and upholstered in white duck cloth.  Over all, they look incredible in our mint painted basement.  What do you think of my $40 dollar turn around?

You can find my friend Jessie’s furniture, by searching for “decorista” if you live in the Seattle area.  She always comes across the best mid century, and Hollywood regency furniture.  She is your go to girl for unique and interesting finds in Seattle. 

Merandas Klismos's Makeover 3

Adding padding to the back of the chair

Merandas Klismos's Makeover 5

Upholstered in white canvas duck, and adding cording to the chair

Merandas Klismos's Makeover 11

 Heavy padding was added to the front

Merandas Klismos's Makeover 12

The back of the chair

Meranda's Klismos

The color outside shows a little darker

Merandas Klismos's Makeover

The pair together….  after so many years, they are done!