How I Transformed A Dingy Shed Into Something Worth Taking A Picture Of

How To Decorate Your Patio On A Budget

With craigslist today, most people can buy nice patio furniture without spending a ton, it just takes patience. Outdoor patio furniture can be really expensive, especially if you want something made of wood. If you happen to buy brand new, you can easily spend $700 and up on just one piece.  Upholstered lounge cushions, chair cushions, and throw cushions can be outrageously priced, so you really have to pick and choose your pieces wisely, and spend the money on what you cannot find so easily.

So how do you do it?

Shop your local craiglist, estate sales, furniture consignment stores for wood, instead of plastic.  Wood weathers nicer, and it also has the option to be customized with paint.  Over time the paint can look even nicer with a little weathering.  Covered patios protect furniture better, but you can also buy great paint today which is made for the sun, and rainfall if you leave them out in the elements.

Dining Tables Can Be Transformed

Keep your eyes on dining room sets that are inexpensive and work with your overall style.  Dining room table tops can be made to look like outdoor tables by adding some creative touches.  Small, or large, round or rectangular, ……… can buy furniture that looks like it belongs outside.

Pair Dining Tables Up With Wicker Furniture-  Wicker has always been a classic choice for outdoor patio furniture, and pairing it up with a vintage dining table won’t make your table seem like it doesn’t belong outside.  I painted my table and wicker chairs the same color, to make the set appear like they work together.  Decorate with wood, and wicker, and blend both of the styles together.  Wicker can be distressed, just like wood making it ideal to decorate with.

Metal Furniture Can Be Rusted- Rust finishes have really caught my eye over the last year.  Not only do they have a great appearance, but they can also look fabulous outside.  I have picked up a few metal pieces that are going to be used for the outdoors that I intend on faux finishing with a rust agent.

I have been told that Modern Masters produces a metal paint, which has metal particles in it called “Reactive Metallic Iron,which allows you to paint pieces that aren’t metal and still achieve a rusty effect.  You apply another solution called “Rust Activator” which speeds up the natural oxidation process for aged look.  Anything metal can be antiqued.

Replace The Tops Of Wood Tables With Wood Planks- One blogger used a dremel tool to cut straight lines into the top of her table.  The end result looked like planks of wood. It happened to be perfect solution for a rounded table.

In the front of my house, I have three matching wooden tables. They were listed in the Seattle’s craiglist free section, and were once used as chiropractic tables.  After I removed the upholstered top, I bought wood, and simply nailed them in place and painted them.  They look decorative, but also come in handy, as I attached metal casters to the legs. Replace the tops of wooden end tables with wood slats to make them appear more outdoorsy.

Wooden Folding Chairs Look Great On A Deck– These chairs also look nice hung on the side of the shed, and then actually become functional when company comes over.

Here is a wooden box that was going to go to the garbage, but instead I made it into a cat bed.  I had some extra oriental hardware that was hammered on to the edges.  The box was painted a darker green to start with.  Later, I used a lighter shade of green, which was painted on and wiped off.  Weathered wood often looks the best with this finish because the paint is often pulled into the cracks of the wood. 

Meranda's Rocker Makeover

My Outside Rocker Makeover was purchased from craiglist.  The rocker’s upholstery was stripped down and taken off.  The stained wood finish was sanded off, and paint was rubbed on, and then wiped off producing a nice gray stained effect.  The outdoor upholstery is a very light gray blue, which matches the painted deck flooring.  The back of the rocker wasn’t originally exposed, but seeing the frame really makes this piece look more sophisticated.

Merandas Summer Patio Projects

My Outside Dining Table Makeover

This table was purchased from my friend Kiama.  She bought it at an auction, kept the French chairs that came with the table, and sold me this stunning table for $50 dollars.  It is a beast to move around, and very heavy as it happens to be made of solid wood.  When I bought it, I painted it a classic brownish gray, and last year I wanted the surface of the table to show, so I decided to strip it. 

 Over time, I did end up painting the sides, which can be easily distressed again.  The top’s parquet pattern is nicely aging outside.  The table is covered in the winter to protect the top.  The wicker chairs were purchased off craigslist, and sprayed down to unify the set.  The set happens to be the perfect table to play games at, and enjoy dinners on as the sun sets. 

Dining Room Table Makeover

My Outside Dining Table Since The Stripping And Sanding…painted gray

Chairs Before- Meranda's Deck Makeovers

Free Craigslist Dining Chair Makeovers- Before

These chairs have been sitting in their junky state for a couple years. Can you imagine walking past these chairs in the garage day after day?  Most people would throw them out. 

My husband was a good sport and came with me half way across Seattle to pick them up at 9:30 at night from a woman who was giving away the set for free.  I loved the rectangular backs, and knew some day they would look great restored. 

Two of the chairs had arm rests which I cut off.  The arm rests really dated the set, and appeared better without.   I painted them gray, then black, then white, and they are finally a beautiful gray.

I plan on putting them with a long rectangular table in the front of our house.  Free is a great price,…right?  All that it cost me was the mental torment every day for 5 years looking at them unfinished, and upholstery fabric costs.  ah! 

I have a total of 5 chairs, two which are not shown in this picture.  The other two chairs were also purchased from Craigslist, and were originally from Ikea.

Chair Makeovers Deck Meranda

Dining Room Chairs Upholstered In Outdoor Fabric

Merandas Outdoor Deck Projects 2 Merandas Outdoor Deck Projects 3

This was one of the chairs which I cut off the arm rests.

Meranda's Outside Projects (1 of 1)

My next project is these two sofas which were made from wood bunk beds.  Wood slats were used to create the back and the sides.  They are in the middle of being painted.  Wheels were added to the bottom so the wood wouldn’t rot, when washing off the deck.  The wheels also allow both sofas to be moved around as needed.  Upholstery cushions have to be sewn, and accent pillows will soften the back of the sofas.  I have two sofas to do, so that might be my winter project. 

Queen Anne Chair

A lovely Queen Anne chair distressed in a blue gray, painted over the winter…

My Summer Shed Makeover

My Summer Shed Makeover 

The shed was another project of mine, last year…..  The shed like other areas of my house has been painted twice.  It was a punchy green, but I changed my mind and wanted a blue.  It helps that I have a place to get free paint in my area, because my painting projects can really add up to $$$ money!  This color was achieved with several gallons of paint which I combined together.  

When moving here, I also came with about 70 cans of paint, all different colors.  I knew where to find great colors for free in Seattle, and here for that matter!  White paint on the other hand,  is a color that is rarely found….

The flooring you see is actually decorative pine wall paneling that are sold in strips. The panels were turned upside down and nailed to the floor.  They really make a decorative impact in the space.  

The wood frames that make up the shelves were also found on craigslist for FREE in Seattle, and came with us to Idaho.  From there, I nailed long planks of wood for the shelves and painted them blue.  Banker boxes were painted in the same color and work nicely to store things. 

My Summer Shed Makeover2

My Summer Shed Makeover

My Summer Shed Makeover 3

My Summer Shed Makeover

My Summer Shed Makeover 4

My Summer Shed Makeover 

My Shed Summer Makeover 6

My Summer Shed Makeover 

Meranda's Kids Play table 2

Kids Play Table In Yellow

This end table was lifted up using caters, and three regular dining chairs were cut down to size to fit a child.  The end table was stripped down, and clear coated with polycrylic and highlighted with yellow paint. 

The dining room chairs are vintage, found for $20 dollars at a local thrift store.  All 4 legs were chopped down, and the back frame was cut down to create a rounded back.  Originally the back had two slanted sides, originally working with a mid century design feel.  The chairs were painted a colorful yellow, and a beige outdoor fabric covers the seats.  A wagon in the background completes the set in the same color. 

Meranda's Kids Play Table In Yellow

Kids Play Table In Yellow