How I Made Over My Garage Using Closet Maid Shelves

Garages are often thought of as spaces to store junk, and random projects in, but they can be so much more than that.  Many people are getting rid of the clutter and transforming their garages into lofts, mini apartments, sewing rooms and craft rooms….and why not?  It is space you pay for, so why not make the most out of it?

Our garage was set up to park two cars in, which gave me some room at the front the garage to work with.  The dry wall wasn’t finished on the walls when we first moved in, so I simply painted the concrete walls to get the ball rolling, and it turned out just as nice.  I hauled a lot of extra paint to Idaho from my painting business, so paint was one thing I wasn’t lacking in.

Behr Concrete Stain In SolidOne of the best decisions we made when we first started on the garage was to stain the concrete.  Over the years, the stain has held up really well, even after snow drips and puddles of water through the winter.

We purchased a product by Behr, at Home Depot called concrete stain, which comes in a semi-transparent finish, or solid.  We opted for solid, and did it ever impress us.  We worked with a beige paint color, which turned out terrific.

Earlier this summer, I purchased the same product in light gray, borderline gray white, and it shows every single piece of dirt.  Next year, I will have to re-paint the outside concrete, and work with the original color I first picked out.  Though muddy footprints that dry, to sand and dust, you just never see it with the beige color.  Our concrete deck and floor look great through out the year from season to season.

Our garage floor will need another coat, with the splatters of all my painting projects next year, ……….though the beauty of this product is that any small touch ups just blend right in.  The stain acts a bit different than paint, being that it soaks into the concrete, than sits on top, like paint does.

Meranda's Garage Tool Chest Makeover

Meranda's Garage Makeover 8

My Tool Organizer

I found this lovely drawer organizer on Craigslist for $50 dollars, $25 dollars.  It was basically 5 cabinets pushed together.  It was a fall-apart piece when I first got it. My husband didn’t question me on buying it, which sort of surprised me, because the pictures weren’t that pretty.

I repainted the insides of the drawers black, added some large pieces of wood to the bottom, and added 6 wood furniture feet from Home depot to lift it off the ground.  A simple wood top was added, as the original top was in bad shape.  Today it functions beautifully holding and organizing our tools.

The upper shelves were added this summer to hold my magazines.  These magazine holders purchased from Ikea were spray painted using a compressor and a paint spray gun.  It was a tedious job, but the matching color has made a tremendous difference in the overall appearance.  Ikea sells these magazine holders in bunches of 5, in plain white.  They work quite well, and look great at the same time.

Meranda's Closet Makeover 1

Vintage Wooden Ice Buckets, Painted A Rich Green Adds A Pop Of Color

Meranda'sGarage Makeover

The Storage Area Under Our Stairs, Which Holds My Paint. 

The labels were taken off the cans, and circle punch was used along with heavy craft paper was painted with the color of the paint. (See the blue dot on one of the cans)  The shelving which originally came with the house was slid into this narrow space under the stairs.  They hold our extra garage supplies.  I made a shelf to hold the cans above.

Meranda'sGarage Makeover 12

My Garage Shelves Using Closet Maid.  Crate and Barrel boxes were painted to house extra garage supplies.

Meranda'sGarage Makeover 11

My Garage Shelves Using Closet Maid

Home Depot sells this Closet Maid shelving and bracket systems which have really transformed our closets.  Let me tell you, they aren’t cheap, but they allow you to use the vertical space, that often is left as blank space in a closet.

They also allow you to arrange your shelves in such a way to best utilize the space for your storage needs.  In my hallway closet, and my personal closet, I arrange shelves close together to organize my shoes. They can be moved around as you change your needs over time.  Here you can see I used the space between our garage doors to store a few of my tools using Closet Maid.

How To Get My Closet Looks:

You would need a vertical shelf track, sold for $15.44, and then the shelf brackets.  Most of the time, I used the 12 inch brackets.

After the vertical shelf track was screwed into the studs, I painted them with a flat oil based paint.  Rustoluem sells oil based paint in white, and black, and Coverstain also sells oil based primer which can be tinted. The idea behind giving them a coat of oil paint, is it will stick to the metal, so when you paint your closet, the paint will stick to the metal surfaces.

You can also buy oil based sprays, which you can also just spray outside, and let them dry before installing the shelf tracks in your closets.

Meranda's Closet Makeover 3

 My Guest Bedroom Closet Using Closet Maid Brackets.  Here I used a brighter green for the closet.

Meranda's Magazine Holders

Simple Ikea Magazine Holders Dress Up Any Shelving Rack. 

Meranda's Closet Makeovers 3

 Our soon to be baby’s room, painted in a shade of blue/ lilac using closet maid brackets

Meranda's Closet Makeovers 1

The previous closet above was painted navy, and since has a new facelift

Meranda's Closet Makeovers 2

Closetmaid helps me organize my bedsheets and pillowcases in my linen closets.  You can see here that the shelves are spaced closer together.  I wanted the flexibility of moving the shelves around for what ever I was storing.  Love it?