Simple Mothering – 5 Minute EASY Meals & Snacks – A Must Have For A Mom

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It isn’t the sexist prepping item out there, but one which is going to save you a tremendous amount of time when it comes to making food for your family.

When we couldn’t go to the grocery store over Coronavirus, we started looking through our mixes and grabbed our muffin makers to make them.  My husband even commented how thankful he was to have two of these little makers.



5 Reasons why you need to buy a cupcake or cake pop maker.

1. It’s Fast.

These little cake makers plug in and are heated, and ready to go in 3 minutes. My daughter and I live the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix. We mix up a batch in advance and freeze the mixture and simply scoop it out frozen into the maker when we have a hankering for dark chocolate. We save the time having to make the mix because its in the freezer all ready to go. You can also make the brownies, and immediately freeze them. It keeps the inside soft, while the outside retains the crispy nature. Frozen bite size brownies are actually very good, especially in the summer.


2. Cake makers save energy.

My oven takes time to pre-heat, and muffins can be a good 40 minute investment of time.  Forget it!  These cake pop makers can be plugged into a generator, and use very little power in the event of a power failure.  

3. Your creations come out crispy.

If you are like me, you like your muffins to have a slight crisp around the edges.  These makers give you a crispy outside, and a soft inside which can be complicated to achieve, even in the oven.  They produce the perfect crisp, crunchy ball or muffin in no time.

4. Cake makers are not limited to muffins and cakes.

Get creative making appetizers with cake pop makers.  You can make pizza balls, mozzarella bites, taco creations, puff pastry chicken, grilled cheese pops and meat balls.  Get some great ideas from pinterest.

Everyone wants a fast, quick supper or snack.  Use left overs in cake pop makers.  Hey, why not?

5. Cake pop makers make the perfect disaster-prepping item. 

Have you ever been without power?  I have. It can be very stressful.

Energy becomes a major factor in what you can make. Even making your coffee can be a challenge.  Ugg!!

The one thing you need to do is feed your hungry kids.  When your kids are hungry, they don’t want to wait.  You know exactly what I am taking about moms!

In events like these, as a mom, you want something that isn’t going to require much energy, (because you are going to have very little of it), and something fast.

Whether it is an egg omelet, or just dough mix, these cake pop makers allow you to make your batches quick under 10 minutes with very little power.  You also don’t have to use up all your mix either.  Save half of your packages for dinner later that evening.

If you second hand shop like me, keep your eyes open for these makers, as they are donated often.  You can pick up a new one from Amazon for $15 – $20 dollars and a second hand one as you shop this summer.  A full size muffin maker, and the cake pop maker, (which I use the most) are great prepping buys, and great things to give away for families for the days ahead.