Older TV Programs That Taught Math And Geography

If you are looking for some homeschooling materials to entertain your kids, consider Anton Spivack’s youtube channel.  He has uploaded more than 50 vintage tv shows that taught geography and math.

While the visual content may be dated, the educational concepts they teach is not.

As a mom looking for homeschooling content, it is another great find I can tuck into my pocket.

Anton Spivack’s channel on youtube


Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (game show)

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Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? is an American half-hour children’s television game show based on the Carmen Sandiego computer game series created by Brøderbund Software.

Aired on PBS stations from September 30, 1991, to December 22, 1995, with reruns continuing to air until October 4, 1996. A total of 295 episodes over five seasons were recorded.

The show was created partially in response to the results of a National Geographic survey that indicated Americans had alarmingly little knowledge of geography, with one in four being unable to locate the Soviet Union or the Pacific Ocean.[2] The show’s questions were verified by National Geographic World,[3] who also provided prizes to the contestants in the form of subscriptions to their magazine


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People also ask – Can you still play Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?


TV SHOW : Square One

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Square One Television (sometimes referred to as Square One or Square One TV) is an American children‘s television program produced by the Children’s Television Workshop (now known as Sesame Workshop) to teach mathematics and abstract mathematical concepts to young viewers.

Created and broadcast by PBS in the United States from September 7, 1987 to October 18, 1991, the show was intended to address the math crisis among American schoolchildren. After the last episode aired, the show went into reruns until October 7, 1994. The show was revived for the 1995–1996 PBS season as a teacher instruction program, Square One TV Math Talk.[citation needed]

TV SHOW : 3-2-1 Contact

3-2-1 Contact is an American science educational television show produced by the Children’s Television Workshop (CTW, now known as Sesame Workshop).

It aired on PBS from 1980 to 1988, and later ran on Noggin (a joint venture between the CTW and Nickelodeon) from 1999 to 2002.

The show teaches scientific principles and their applications.[1] Dr. Edward G. Atkins, who was responsible for much of the scientific content of the show, felt that the TV program would not replace a classroom but would encourage viewers to ask questions about the scientific purpose of things.