One Of The Most Remarkable Videos On Explaining Vaccine Damage- By Far A MUST WATCH

I have to say, of all the videos I have watched on vaccine dangers, this one by far blew my mind! This video is long, but worth the watch.

In this video Forrest Maready explains the connection to what happens in the body when heavy metals are introduced and how they are carried into the brain. The route they take also explains many of the symptoms of autism.

He also goes on to explain why high impact athletes who get vaccines are the ones who are in most danger. He reveals that most parents who convince themselves that vaccines were fine – “my child was ok after their vaccines” may not be true. Heavy metals sit in storage and can be carried into the brain when injuries to the head happen.

He also reveals that “Crooked smiles” are forewarnings to us that the body is already injured.

He also has a segment that gives people an understanding what autism may feel like.  I found this powerful in understanding autistic children, and the battle they go through every day!  Covering ears, spinning, walking on the toes, –  you would never want to take a risk with vaccines again. A MUST WATCH- one of the best videos I have seen a long time!

– Meranda

How we cause autism: restraint, white blood cells and aluminum


24 hours ago Forrest Maready released a video about a book he has secretly worked on for the past two years, and I feel like I am seeing the world for the very first time. And I want you to join me.

I know it’s intimidating to sit down and watch a 2 hour and 15 minute video that rocks everything you thought you knew, but it’s important that you watch the entire thing. Every minute is something new, and the last 5 minutes are earth shattering.

So I’m going to tell you what’s in the video because if you’re like me, you don’t like watching videos and will instead read about a video so that you’re in control of how you’re receiving information. And then if you’re intrigued, you decide to watch the video.

Maybe I can entice you to watch the video. And I want to entice you to tell your friends about it. And tell you pediatrician about it. And tell your state representatives and senators, tell your Congressmen, tell the CDC and tell the President of the United States.

Will you do that for me? Will you watch the video and tell everyone about it? Because it’s that big.


Forrest starts off talking about the crooked smile we see so much of in people born in the late 70s, 80s and today. He talks about the infections that can cause this effect and he talks about how the aluminum in vaccines is taken up by our white blood cells. And when we have an infection, our bodies call for help from the white blood cells, and when that infection is in a nerve, the white blood cells are inadvertently delivering neurotoxic aluminum to the nerve, which causes lesions.

And Forrest talks about how autoimmune disorders are triggered four ways that we know of: infection, heavy physical exertion, pregnancy and stress.

We know that aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease are strongly associated with each other. We know that NFL players who repeatedly have concussions– where the brain is inflamed and signaling for help– have brains that look an awful lot like Alzheimer’s brains. And we know from brand new research that tissue from autistic brains showed aluminum levels that were some of the highest ever recorded, and comparable to early onset Alzheimer’s brains.

He moves on from the crooked smile to strabismus of the eyes not able to point perfectly ahead, and explains how prevalent this is now.

He takes you through a whole spectrum of cranial nerve damage and how that damage manifests physically– speech apraxia, misaligned sense of balance, bowel movements, extremely sensitive to noise or taste, the nerves that impact the eyes and the mouth. Then he takes you through the whole spectrum of autism and this is where your mind is blown.

But it begs the question– why are our baby boys’ brains signaling for these white blood cells? How are the cells that are carrying aluminum getting called to the brain and damaging the nerves that are responsible for the symptoms of autism?

And his theory will break your heart.

Our little boys don’t just come with the “fight or flight” response to danger that we all know about (girls have reflexes that are completely different). Boys have another reflex that kicks in when they are restrained with no hope of escape. And this reflex is controlled by the dorsal vagal complex deep in the brain, where the nuclei of these cranial nerves originate. When the “no hope of escape” reflex kicks in, the brain signals for white blood cells.

And as our boys grow older, stronger, and wiser about the pain about to be inflicted on them by the doctor’s office, and their own mothers are holding them down along with a nurse or two and there is no hope of escape, this reflex kicks in and the brain calls for help.

Two other causes of that particular call for help: pathogen invasion and tissue damage.

And by 12 months old, our baby boys are held down with no hope of escape, their brains signal for help, and we inject them with pathogens and damage their tissue. It is a trifecta of creating autism. The brain calls for help, and the white blood cells deliver the aluminum to the cranial nerves.


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