Oregon Mom Believes She Was Singled Out As A Human Trafficking Target On Shopping Trip

“At Target with my two little girls and noticed a man following me on his phone,” she continued. “He was within 10 feet of me and my girls at all times. He did not at any point make eye contact with me.”

“He appeared to be texting someone,” her story went. “I snapped a picture of him and I wasn’t discreet about it. But he still continued to stay near me and my kids. It was odd because I was in the little girls clothing section. After snapping his picture, I called my husband and told him what was happening. My husband showed up and followed us.”

“He can follow us and be creepy all he wants,” she wrote, “but there isn’t anything the police can do unless he makes some sort of criminal move.”

Nyang’oro’s Facebook post was shared over a thousand times before she replaced it with a different post that doesn’t include the picture.

“In less than 12 hours, we were able to identify this guy due to the power of social media and sharing this post,” she wrote in her updated post. “I am removing the original post containing his picture, but keeping this to serve as reminder to stay alert. Thank you for sharing this.”

“The police are being notified and can take it from there,” she added.

“Something wasn’t right,” she said. “I am almost sure that we were the targets of human trafficking.”

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