Outspoken Doctor Reveals The True Financial Numbers Doctors Make Off Chemotherapy- Would you like to know?

Doctor Peter Glidden blows the top off of what is happening between the doctors who treat cancer and their financial kickbacks from the  pharmaceutical industry. Would you like to know how much they make from people who are ill?

Why is it that Doctors are now confessing to diagnosing healthy people with cancer?

In the link below you will find one doctor had a patient load of 1,200 people and received $62 million from Medicare; and he billed for more than $150 million.

Watch more of Peter Glidden talk about this interview which got 17 million views and sparked thousands of conversations.  He  answers the skeptics here.

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A better thing to talk about however is the relationship between profits and cancer in the United States.

There was a study published I believe it was in 1994, it was a 12 year program, 12 year study where they looked at adults who had developed cancer as an adult not childhood cancer but adult cancer.

This is the main types of cancer that we get here in the United States.

They did a meta-analysis of these people all around the world to develop cancer as adults for 12 years and were treated with chemo and they looked at the results. They published the results in the journal of clinical oncology and the results 97% of the time chemotherapy does not work, 97% of the time it doesn’t work so why is it still used?

One reason and one reason only – money.

If you go to a medical doctor an m.d. with a sinus infection and that doctor prescribes an antibiotic he gets no financial kickback.  Now if he prescribed 5000 (units of) of that antibiotic of that drug in one month, the drug company that makes it might send him to Cancun for a conference.  Right?  But he gets no direct (financial incentives).

With chemo therapeutic drugs, it’s different.  Chemo therapeutic drugs  are the only classification of drugs that the prescribing doctor gets a direct cut of.

So if your doctor prescribes chemotherapy for you, here is how it goes more or less…….

The doctor buys it from the pharmaceutical company for $5,000 dollars.  He sells it to the patient for $12,000 dollars.  Insurance pays $9,000 and the doctor Pockets the $4,000 difference.  There oughta be a law.  The only reason chemotherapy is used is because doctors make money from it.  PERIOD.  It Doesn’t work!!

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