Painted Floors – Why Not Use Tape To Create A Pattern?

Most people love to see “before” and “after” pictures, but what about “in-between” photos? 

Everyone loves great make-over pictures of a remodel, but rarely do we ever see pictures half way through a job which could give a reader a visual “how-to” guide.

I stumbled upon Danielle Blue’s Flicker Photostream, (Valley Craftsmen) which included some wonderful pictures of remodels featuring faux floor painting.  Painting, especially faux techniques can be tremendously complicated even for the average painter.

In one of the photos you can see they taped off a grid on top of a sanded wood floor where they stenciled a very simplistic, yet breathtaking design on the wood using plain regular tape.  The hardest part to creating a grid pattern, or any pattern for that matter is to get the overall measurements correct while taping.

Putting some extra time in the taping and measuring will assure you a great finish.  For our floors we rented a belt floor sander from an equipment shop, and if you decide to re-finish your floors yourself, check into your local equipment rental shops for a belt sander.

Consider purchasing the Cutless Stencil Pen which allows you to cut your own stencils.  Simply find the pattern you want and copy it on to a clear piece of plastic.  In the past I have used overhead projector paper, which doesn’t work so well unless it is quite thick.

Self Adhesive Stencil Film might also work nicely, and may prevent the bleeding from the sides of the stencil on the floors.  Traditional Stencil film also works.  Again if these are not thick enough, consider a heavy weight overhead projector clear paper. Check out Valley Craftsmen for more faux finishing pictures.

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