9 Ways Improve Your Kids Clothes For Next To Nothing With Buttons

Wholesale Blue Print Sea anchor Wood Buttons

The option of quantities of 10, 50, and 100 Pcs Blue Print Sea anchor

Wood Buttons- 100 pieces for $4.99 On Ebay

The easiest way to beautify your existing kids clothing is to simply add trim, buttons or other fun accessories to it.  Who says you have to have just one row of buttons, when you can have several rows of buttons on an outfit?

When you can buy buttons in lots of 100 for such a low price, how do you possibly use up all those buttons?  Here are some ideas……

Some of these sets I have posted below come in collections of buttons featuring different patterns. So above you can see a sea collection with some buttons which are plain, and about 4 other patterns in this collection.

Here are a couple looks for you to consider to using more than one row of buttons on an outfit.

– Buttons Down The Center Of An Outfit  On this Victorian lolita dress, you can see one set of buttons going down the center.  Borrow this idea by lining up 3 rows of buttons to the center of a shirt or a dress.  Use wholesale lace to dress up an ordinary little girls dress or jacket.

– Create Fabric Flowers With A Button In The Center- Cut out simple scalloped flowers which buttons can be sewn in the center.  Cut out 30 0r so scalloped flowers and sew them all over a dress or jacket.   View the first dress in this image for this idea.

– Use Cording Along side Buttons – If you have wooden buttons in a light ivory color, consider coordinating it with ivory stitching and ivory cording.  Gather some ideas from these expensive military jackets.  For more ideas, this link shows an additional 6 jackets.  You can find cording in all sorts of colors to match up with buttons in the same color.

– Use Two Styles Of Buttons (In The Same Theme) On An Outfit-  Many of these button collections come with plain buttons along side patterned buttons.  Consider putting a row of plain buttons on a sleeve, and three rows on the front of jacket.  This idea is represented in this picture

– Sew Rows Of Buttons Along The Edges Of A Jacket- On this Jean Paul Gaultier jacket you can see a whole range of buttons sewn on the edges of a jacket.  This idea was used on a very expensive jacket, so it isn’t so crazy!  Borrow the idea for yourself.

– Use 5 Plus Buttons On Your Sleeves- Why not go excessive and use up a collection of buttons on a sleeve?  On this Burberry jacket, they use 8 buttons along the sleeve.

– Use Pom Poms Alongside Buttons- Imagine a little girls dress in orange and creamy yellow.  Work with pom poms and line them up with buttons and work with coordinating trim and lace.  Gather some inspiration from this Dolce Gabbana outfit.   

– Place Buttons On A Diagonal Slant On A Dress– Borrow ideas from this Carolina Herrera dress by adding bright colored buttons in a diagonal line to long dress or jacket.

– Create A Button Quilt- There are other ways to use up a large amount of buttons.  Sew them on a decorative quilt, or create a necklace out of them.  20 buttons can be spaced out on the edge of a hat, or used on a pair of gloves.  Decorate the front of a backpack or a bag with 50 buttons.

When you can get buttons in large quantities of 50 and 100,…..you can get pretty creative in the way you use them for your kids outfits.  What do you think?  Below are my favorite selections from a dealer I ran across today on ebay…..  I had to order the blue sea print (above) for myself.

Wholesale Wood Buttons

4 holes kid’s Baby Round Wood Buttons

In options of 50 pieces for $2.99, or 100 for $5.99 On Ebay

Wholesale Buttons

60pcs 20mm Carving Tree Wood Buttons $4.49 On Ebay

Wholesale Wood Buttons

50/100pcs print Alphabet Wood Buttons 50 Pieces for $2.62 On Ebay

Wholesale Buttons

Mixed Pattern Wooden Buttons 50 pieces for $2.99 On Ebay

Wholesale White Lace

Wood Buttons Sewing Crafts Accessories Notions 4 Holes

40 pieces for $4.49 On Ebay

Wholesale Buttons

Pierced flower Wood Buttons 25mm – 10 Pieces for $1.31 On Ebay

Wholesale Buttons

40pcs 27mm Brown Flower Wood Buttons $4.49 On Ebay

Wholesale Buttons

40pcs 23mm Wood Buttons $4.49 On Ebay

Wholesale Buttons

40pcs 25mm New Wood Buttons $4.49 On Ebay

Wholesale Buttons

Round Circular Wood Button Sewing 25 mm $4.49 On Ebay


Wholesale White Lace

Use this lace for headbands, or sewn vertically on a dress or long sleeve white top for a Victorian look. Get the antique look by simply adding this trim to what you already own.

10 Yards of White Embroidered Lace Trim $5.24 On Ebay

Wholesale White trim

Add this lace to the edges of a dress, sleeve, hat or headband. This trim will give any outfit that antique appearance.

10Y Beige Wave Cotton Trim For $5.24 On Ebay

Wholesale Trim

10Y Brown Embroidered Cotton Trimming -10 Yards for $3.93 On Ebay

Wholesale Wood Buttons

The option of quantities of 10, 50, and 100 Pcs  Elephant Wood Buttons 20mm Sewing Craft Mix Lots 50 pieces for $3.49 On Ebay

Wholesale Wood Buttons

Colorful Owl Wood Buttons 15mm $50 Pieces for $3.49 On Ebay

Wholesale Wood Buttons

Mixed 4 Holes National Flag Theme, available in selections of 10, 50 and 100 On Ebay

Wholesale Trim

10 or 40pcs Of Wooden Printed Buttons 2 Holes Craft Sewing 25mm 10 pieces at $1.49On Ebay

Wholesale Plaid RibbonsRun this plaid ribbon through your ruffler sewing machine attachment and dress up a jacket, or a dress … 

10 Yard Tartan Plaid Ribbon $4.49 On Ebay

Wholesale Trim

One Roll Tartan Plaid Ribbon $50 Yards $7.12 On Ebay

Wholesale Buttons

500 Pieces Of Felt 30mm Circle Appliques $4.87 On Ebay

Wholesale Wood Buttons

13mm Round fabric covered button with flat back- 100 pieces $5.24 On Ebay

Wholesale Buttons

100pcs 15mm Colorful Round Wood Buttons $4.49 On Ebay