Pro-Poshers Reveal Their Best Tips For Making Money On Poshmark

Have you ever thought about selling on ebay? Poshmark may be the next best thing, especially if you are into clothes. Do you have a nice handbag that you want to unload, or a closet of clothes you don’t really wear? Sell them for some extra cash. Poshmark is a fashion based site where you can shop for brand name clothing and one of a kind pieces. I found poshmark when I was looking for a pair of Hunter rain boots, and I couldn’t find my size and color on ebay. If you follow a specific brand, why not get it for less? Listings do show up in google, which is feature that ebay doesn’t have. If you have ever considered selling clothing, consider investigating Poshmark.

Read some of the best comments from Poshers from around the web:


Leah – Maybe this is old news to you, but I just want to pass along this game changer that saves lots of time inputting information and answering questions about measurements. Show Pictures of the (Sleeve length, shoulder to bottom hem, bust, waist, hip from the looks of it.) with measuring tapes

Jasmine  I bought a ring light on amazon. I recommend it if you’re a serious posher (I’m talking you’re going to be doing it full-time or pretty regularly) or if you plan on using it for other things because it’s a little pricey. I thought it was worth it since I like taking pictures anyway, so the price didn’t deter me.

Mia (Key to sales?) The key is in your merchandise. Its hard to sell mall brands that one can find cheap in thrift stores.

RebeccaI originally thought my thrift stores didn’t have any good brands until I started to actually take the time to learn what brands other resellers were buying. Once I started watching youtube haul videos and studying labels, I found a lot more during trips. (Favorite Youtube Resellers?) Empty Hanger, The Deal Queen, Bexa Boss Lady, and Leah Kirchinger are my favorites!

Beverly I think it all comes down to good photo’s and good pricing. This is the best I’ve done since starting in February . Sold 8 items over the weekend and two today. Most of my items cost me less than $ 2 so I can afford to sell pretty low.

Donnica – Where can I get the shoe box size boxes from USPS?

Wendy   Right now, for example, I have 11,000 followers and I am following a little over 29,000 but I have seen others whose numbers are in the hundreds of thousands on both sides. Those are the ones usually making daily sales.

Alana I went three weeks then bam 3 sales.. only change I made is I attempted the 30 MM. (30 minute method.) Haha even though I spread it out during that day, but I’m guessing it had something to do with it. I’ve been on Posh almost 2 years, and I’ve never had consistent sales.

Dianne-Have you watched any YouTube videos about Poshmark? There are a lot of good ones out there. I love The Empty Hanger and Bexa Boss. Also if you search for the 30MM you will find lots of good information. Poshmark, IMHO, is not a platform where you just list and forget it. I came from eBay so I had to overcome that mentality. I share my closet at least once a day and twice if I have time. I follow, follow, follow and share, share, share. Some get tired of all this but honestly I have more sales on PM than eBay so I stay motivated. At least by doing this I feel like I am trying.

Ronda -I’ve been selling on Poshmark since February. I’m a newbie at resale and I’ve found the only time things sell is when I practically give them away. Initially, I did this to establish myself as a seller, but now I’m losing interest. A few months ago I listed 4-6 items, 2 Merona handbags from Target and a sweater from Target. Within two days I had about two hundred more followers! It was exciting. Then it stopped and it’s back to a few new followers each day. I love to buy the jewelry bags from Goodwill, and I almost break even with reselling some items. With the activity I got from adding Merona items maybe I got the attention of a younger group?That’s all I can gather. Any ideas as to how to kickstart my closet would be appreciated. Some items might do better on EBay, but I really dislike the 30 return policy if that’s what it is. Poshmark is easy to use and after 3 days there’s no returns. I like that.

ElaineFollow new people — like, 500 to 1000 a day. And Target items are so cheap anyway, they’re not likely to bring you a bunch of sales. Shoot higher in quality and follow/share a LOT. That’s my two cents’ worth of advice.

WendyLeave descriptors like “beautiful” for the actual description. Don’t put them in the title. Someone looking for an item isn’t going to type in beautiful. The only exception would be the words Vintage or NEW or NWT, NWOT. Also, add more photos and more details. You have room for 8 photos. Take advantage of it. Last thing, actually add the measurements in the description. I see that you have a measuring tape laid out but if I am looking for something and want to see things like bust, length, etc. written out so I can be sure. This isn’t required but when I started adding more detail like that in my posts, I started selling more.

Lynne-Pick a pusher and go and follow all their followers. Your followers will increase and some will actually share items in your closet. Don’t give up. It takes some patience and work. 

Sheryl   I didn’t get consistent sales until I was up to 100 listings.

Low Ball Offers, and what it costs a seller. 

(Sellers upload these pictures to their about page)

Lowering Price Points

Katie- I love PicTapGo for editing photo backgrounds on my phone.

(If you can’t use PicTapGo (it is sadly only available for iPhones/iPads at the moment) then try VSCO or Afterlight. The   se are both beautiful editing apps too. )

Patti – Does anyone know how to add bullet items or checkmarks to a listing?

Arimay  I cheat and instead of trying to memorize the ALT – Codes I just found this a site a few days ago.


AprilI’d say that not every trip to the thrift stores and goodwill are going to be super fruitful. It will most likely always be hit or miss.  I shop at the same stores I did three years ago when I started and am finding much better inventory. It is not the inventory that changed, it was my knowledge of what sells in my closet and what to look for. It will come in time and trial and error with your closet. I also sometimes source on Poshmark if someone who is not trying to be a reseller but is just trying to cheaply get rid of stuff, like a 5 for $25 sale if it is good quality. Also estate sales, facebook groups, letitgo app. For me personally the only way to know what sold in my closet came when I defined my closet voice and balanced trends, style and brand. But not weigh heavily on brand because a “hot” brand is not a guarantee mover. There are many factors. Maybe start looking at your thrift stores in a new light, not through the lens of brand, but cute style and quality and take awesome pics!

AmyWhat brands sell for one Posher, might sit months for another. Sure there are key brands that are classic and will always sell (these are few and very high end).My best advice is: learn what a quality made item looks and feels like.

Toni  Honestly learning brands through watching you tube and then hours looking at every item at the thrift store. When I first started reselling I would take hours and hours at each store and really take time to search anything that looked interesting. Take a list of brands that you are looking for. For some reason once it’s written down it’s like the universe helps you find it!  If it’s made anywhere other than China or it feels nice then google it! Check eBay, I buy ALOT of my inventory off eBay because I can’t go out sourcing much anymore. I try to buy in bulk from sellers who are going out of business. Put an add up in local BSS FB groups that you are looking at paying $1 per item for their clothing they are about to donate. I get a lot of stuff this way. (Be picky though, no matter how cheap it is, it’s a waste of money if you can’t sell it) Basic brands if they are super cute do well too. Honestly for every sourcing trip I have I may find 50 things and maybe only 10 are higher end (Anthro, etc)

Amanda When I first started thrifting I though there wasn’t good stuff at my gw either. But then I started looking at the stuff more carefully and learning brands. Some of the most successful PM sellers live in small towns with only a few places to shop. You can also consider buying inventory boxes from other sellers. Usually the price per item is more than a thrift store but it saves a lot of time.

Melissa What I did was just started with stuff I already had at home and rolled the money into “inventory”. I don’t recommend dropping a bunch of money until you get a feel for what sells and if you love doing it or not. I live in a challenging area and just had to get creative and figure out thru trial and error what works…I’m STILL figuring it out lol! I listen to podcasts about reselling, follow helpful IG accounts, and watch YouTube videos about brands and what is selling. I also look up what has “sold” (you can search a brand them filter “availability” to “sold”) and see what moves and for how much! Also quality of photos and lots of sharing activity will work for making sales, not just quantity or volume in your closet! It’s overwhelming a little at first but once I got the hang of it, I fell in LOvE!

Shana  Start small build your closet overtime as you learn more

Melissa – I remember wanting to get 50 active listings SO bad so I could be a “posh ambassador” so I literally starting listing anything and my mom gave me some, ahem, “questionable” items I thought were fugly…ALL SOLD! Lol.

Lane Hit up Garage Sales! I’ve found lots of great brands at cheaper prices than the thrift.

Sarah  Go for high end brands. You’ll put as much effort into a listing that will sell for $5 as you will for one that sells for $25. Make it work!!

Loly  Buy things that are good and things that you would wear labels sell but good also pretty and cute sell. Always disclose if any flaws.

Pridgen  In an effort to build my brand/closet I am making accts with the same name on all social media and selling platforms. Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest etc and Poshmark, eBay, Mercari etc. I am linking all of my sites with

Chris – When someone cancels an order, I have to wait up to 2 weeks to get my money back! Poshmark is sure quick to take my money, but no hurry to give it back. Kinda sucks.

Patricia  I’ve made up postcards on Vistaprint that have my picture my closet name it says thank you for your purchase on one side and then says please accept your item when it arrives to you safely and then on the other side is just general information social media links and what not I put them in every single package I send out and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them I think it’s a great thing to add into all your packages you don’t have to hand write thank you cards you don’t have to do any other fluff just that and sometimes I throw in a piece of candy or a magazine or some kind of free gift

Donnika – Does anyone have any suggestions on a system for poshmark inventory database ? …. what do you use ?….

Eddie  If you’re closet is not that big (not thousands of listings), excel or google sheets should do the trick. You could asign codes like R1, R2 for your racks or B1, B2 for your bins, etc. and type it on both your spreadsheet and listing description, so you can cross reference and find your items easier

Dominica I use evernote. I just the title, the bin number it’s in along with all the platforms its listed on

Loren- Hi any secrets joy get whites whiter?

Dorie – Dollar Tree sells (for a dollar) their version of oxyclean. Works good, and I used a little bit in a saucer of warm water to work into a stain before washing. Works on some, not on others. Try it!

Sully – Hi! I am going away for 5 days. Should I put my closet on vacation mode? Or just post a listing saying that I’m away so I can still share my closet and keep it active? What are your thoughts?

MargieKeep in mind that if it’s not on vacation mode and something sells you need to ship out within 3 days.

LynnePoshmark allows up to 7 days for shipping but most expect it asap. Put it on vacation mode so you won’t have to explain when things will be shipped. You can add a note in your closet stating what day things will ship when you return.

Pridgen  It will change all items to “not for sale” during that time. Mine immediately turned off and back on for the days I scheduled.

Patricia  so here’s the thing …. why put it on vacation ? 5 days is still with in your shipping allowance . what I would do is I would put a sign in my closet that says still accepting offers out of town for a few days will ship as soon as I get back.
if you do nothing in your closet for 5 days it’s really hard to get the ball rolling again and I went on vacation for 10 days and let all my buyers know that I was on vacation I’d be shipping as soon as I got back they were all really nice about it and I made a ton of money by keeping my closet open realize it takes a week also to get your money so you’re talking about not generating any income for about two two two and a half weeks if that’s okay with you then go for it but otherwise I would definitely try and keep it open and just stay in contact with your buyers I came home from vacation with $500 in sales and that was nice to have after vacation

PatriciaYou have 7 days to ship items at 3 days they send you a reminder at 5 days they send you a reminder and at 7 days it’s your last day after that a buyer can cancel a sale

Shelby: How much do y’all spend on a day of thrifting for resell?

Crystal – I spent $150 yesterday but $0 today. I spend on average $150-$200 per week.

Crystal – in the fall/winter I sell around 50-60 items a week. Spring and summer usually 20-40. I try to keep 500ish items in my closet.

Anona –Too much. Average 50 per trip. I don’t go every day though. I’d be living in my car.

Liz –Over $50 a trip is rare. Usually $25.

Staci  I try to stay under $50 per trip, but if it’s awesome pickingsill get what’s there. Some days thecwell is dry and I can’t spend $10 if I wanted to.

Tim  I usually do $50ish but I’ve spent $100 when thrifting has been good

Leah About $50-100 depending on where I go and what I find

Kaitlyn  I don’t have a set number, I just buy everything I know will sell when I see it. I know I’ll make my money back plus a bunch more. I only have room for a max of like 230 items though so I don’t keep a lot of clothing on hand, but NYC thrifting is also so expensive.

Mary  I dont have a set budget but I tend to stay right around $50 a week.

Haley Between $20-40 weekly.

Nancy About $100 per week. I average about $5 per item.

Karlee  Average $50. But last night I spent $100 at one store, which is pretty rare.

Meranda -Can use any box from the post office?

Anna – You can use any Priority, regional or priority flat rate box! And believe me, the gals in my P.O. gave me a hard time at first! They said you can only used Regular PRIORITY – and turned me AWAY! I had to go home and repackage even though I knew they were wrong! What a hassle. NOW I printed out Posh rules/UPDATE and CARRY IT WITH ME when I go to the P.O. I gave them a copy and they felt so bad that they POSTED it in the P.O. LOL! I like the flat rate boxes for shoes and bags. (They are more “square” and deeper.) I’m going to find a link and post it on this thread, so you and others can print it out and avoid the fresh hell that I went through for a while, lol!

Anna -As long as it is under 5 lbs, after that things get sticky so I don’t go over that haha!

Amy- Whichever box best fits your item. I usually keep 4-5 different size boxes on hand plus the USPS polymailers. You can order all supplies for free at In my experience they take a long time to get (a week or more) and sometimes my order will be missing a set (boxes come in packs of 10 typically). Some post offices will have a limited supply of boxes stocked at their physical location, but those near me do not.

Virtual Assistant Questions

Erica –They generated a password for me. They can’t change your password because you have to log into your email to change it with a code or something like that. I personally trust them. They made me lots of money. The only thing that gets me is that my closet sometimes is not in order after they share but I think that’s because I may be sharing at the same time

Amy -What does it mean when it tells you someone “received your offer”? I haven’t seen that before.

Katie – I think that if you sent an offer to likers and the person likes the item after, but before the offer expires, it’s extended to them as well.

INVENTORY STORAGE | How I Organize Over 1,000 Items For Poshmark & Ebay

Clear Inventory Bags(9 x 12 & 11 x 14) Amazon

Folding Board (Blue) Amazon

Anna- Question/Opinion: How important is the “original value” feature? As a buyer, I know I like it, but when researching my items, I’ve also seen so many vastly inaccurate entries, and so many sold items with a $0 original price that I wonder if it’s just me. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Katie – Unless I have a NWT item I put $0

PamThe purpose on the sellers end seems to be if an original price is input, then whe Poshmark sends out notifications of certain brands up to $x off, there is chance their item will be shown and listed. Which in turn hopefully brings more exposure to the item. If I know the original value, I will put it. Otherwise sometimes I put $0, sometimes I will put $777.

Laura – Anderson I usually only put the original value if my item still has tags on it or if I can find the exact item in another Posher’s closet and theirs has tags on it. I often see the same item listed by different people and they all have a different “original” price listed and its hard to know which one is correct! If I have any doubts I always list original price as $0.

Debbie- My printer quit ! Is there a place I can get labels printed till I can get a new printer

Molly – I would ask your local friends, theres probably a business in your area that does printing. On a large scale, try your libraries, community colleges, office supply shops.

Angel – Staples, Office max

Samantha- Does anyone use a POS (point of sale) app for book keeping tracking Poshmark sells? Looking at Shopify or square as the top ones. I’ve been using Excell but wanting to look for better ways to keep track of things that have sold on Poshmark 

Katherine – I use square and Xero love them! xero I think is what you are looking for

Katherine  Cost?  I looked online it’s 9-30 a month but I paid for a year after a month trial. Loved it and it was less that way

Christina -For those of you who do this full time how many hours a week do
You spend- 1. Photo/measure/description 2. Listing 3. Promoting/sharing/following 4. Sourcing 5. Organizing.  TIA for your help and feedback as I recently lost my job and will begin to do this full time.

Pam- I spend between 6-12 hours a day. If I had to break it down into time frames, I source usually 1-3x a week, 20-80 items, unless I run across a special somewhere. That takes me a few hours max. I don’t have a lot of high end items in my closet though. I don’t track my time the way others do. Organization- I fold and put in one of the several bins I have…dresses, tops, pants, Boutique, sweaters. I photograph between 5-20 items at a time. I rarely write description before listing, I feel I am doubling my work if I do. Some people copy and paste….to me it’s just an added step. So I inspect, wash, hang steam, photograph, download into my computer. When I am ready to list, whether it is one or ten items, I measure, fill in the listing. That takes 2-5 mins a listing. Others are probably more organized than I am about it.  When I first started, I worked my closet, sharing and following 12-18hrs a day. Gaining followers is a must. The more you have, the more exposure your items will have.


Taylor: How do you get rid of your own persona smell/perfume/ laundry detergent/smoke/etc. out of the clothes? (we’re all nose blind to our own scents and i want my clothes do not smell like me in case someone has a sensitivity)

Pam –

1) I use one of the adhesive clothes rollers to make sure their is no lint, dog hairs, etc.

2) I wash in a scent free detergent such as Tide, as well as putting baking soda in the wash. I also vinegar spray before drying. There are some items I have thrifted that I have washed 4 times, vinegared and STILL have a strong perfume smell. Those I vinegar spray and hang outside for a few hours and start the process over.

3) At some point you may want to invest in a mannequin if you don’t have one. A rolling rack to hang clothes on. A steamer. Crates or shelves to storage You items, is a good place to start

Female Mannequin Torso Dress Form $42 Ebay Free Shipping

Mannequin Torso Dress Form Display $39  On Ebay– Free Shipping


4) Take your time, have good lighting or take photos outside in natural light. Make sure they are in focus. Show the whole item, you have 8 places for photos, use as many as possible. Front, back, sides, any detailing.

5) You can order Flat Rate boxes free…/shipping-supplies/_/N-7d0v8v

6)I would cross list anything you think has a chance of selling on either platform. Just be sure …if it is sold to remove it from the other platform as soon as possible. 

Leica – Vodka in a spray bottle is excellent for odors. Or freeze it

Lori – I get my unscented (detergent) at Target. If unscented isn’t available then I get Fresh Linen.

Brighten your photos

Steve-Can one sell items on poshmark besides clothing?


Kim – Look at the community guide. It goes more into what you can’t sell. Nothing that is illegal to ship like lotions and perfumes. No housewares (sheets, towels, bowls, jewelry boxes, etc.), no electronics, dvds, games, no replicas or “inspired” items…on and on. Just remember that Poshmark is about FASHION so stick to that thinking when listing. A LOT of people sell these things but they’re non-compliant and subject to listing removal, not to mention getting a crappy reputation.

Nadine – Yes. You can sell cosmetics. They even have parties for it. Also jewelries and hair accessories. Shoes and handbags too.

Lisa- Umbrellas and day planners too. They are considered fashion accessories.

Meranda – So from a sellers point of view: When you share an item, it shares that item in your feed or the general feed to your followers. Then the person who is selling that item can see you shared it, and shares one of your items? Is this hard to keep track ? Sharing items, and then sharing closets that share your items?

Kayla – the old poshmark, if you got shares you returned shares. Nowadays…. I don’t mean to be cynical…. but now you may or may not get a Share back. The idea is to spread the love and return the love but it’s hot or miss. When you share someone else’s item it shares it to your followers, and it does alert the seller that you shared it. It’s hard if you keep track of every single little share, I usually skim through and return groups of shares. My advice would be not to overthink it, nobody’s going to get so mad at you if you don’t Share back ya know, but it’s nice to do it IMO some would disagree I’m sure but that’s my opinion. Yeah! Share things you like but don’t want to buy maybe, just to help that seller get more exposure and possibly share their item

Pam – When you share other Posher’s items, they in turn should share yours. For instance, if you share mine , @BeautyCloud, I will share yours and my 229,000 followers will see your items. It provides more exposure for your items!

Sarah – I think the Poshmark computer algorithm takes note as well. I do know that all the platforms have internal processes keeping track of what you do, and things shift accordingly. Are you familiar with the “30 minute method” for Poshmark? It’s supposed to be best for keeping the algorithm working like an escalator.

Presentation Tips:

Jessica –Work on better photos and a consistent background for your flat lays. I use this app called Snapseed to edit my photos to make them less dark and it seems to have helped my sales. My closet is very basic and other than the lighting in my photos being a little brighter, my closet is similar to yours, I started making more sales when I had over 50 items and brighter pics. My closet name is @jessgoodstuff if u wanna check it out to see what I did with my photos

Michelle-Here’s a few words of advice. Follow and share are the two most important things you can do. Every day share your own items as well, at least 2X a day.

Kelly -I am wondering, has anyone else noticed a decrease in “likes” since the offer to likers was initiated? I feel like I have noticed this, and thinking that maybe people stopped liking as much because they don’t want to be inundated with offers. I only tend to see likes from newbies.

Amy -Personally, I’d get rid of the stock photos. It’s theft and illegal. I know I won’t share items that use stock photos or follow closets that use primarily stock photos.

Lisa – I learned the hard way to research the seller a little bit before ordering. I don’t buy anything that’s on the floor or on the lawn outside. I don’t buy from closets that take pictures and write descriptions that show they don’t care.

Amy -Does it matter which way you share your listings? I’ve been using next edit list which works on my iPhone but I’m thinking about switching to Android and when I do that it keeps taking me back to the top of my closet.

Brooke – I whiched to the Galaxy s9. I 100% love it. But, poshmark is NOT android friendly. I can’t even upload multiple photos to the listing. I keep my old iPhone at home for work.

Meranda- Can you sell on this site using a desktop than a phone?

Pam – I have been able to do everything so far on my computer except the find people function to follow other closets. But I use it mostly to list. All other activities I do on an IPad mini2.


Can someone list thoughts pro and cons of
1. hangers pics
2. Mannequins
3. Layouts
4. Modeling
5. Stock pics

Pam – I don’t use stock pictures as they do not show the true condition of what you are selling.!Even if it’s a new item. I prefer to see what you are selling.

Michelle -I learned the hard way when I first started selling on Poshmark. I started with hangers and then I bought a plastic hanging mannequin and then a full standing like in these pics

Amy – I do flat lays for pants and shorts. I have a hanging 1/2 mannequin for every thing else womans. For mens and kids I either flat lay or use a hanger (looks funny when a man’s shirt is modeled with boobs on a mannequin

Kelli -Hello I see many people selling stuffed animals, toys etc, is this allowed on Posh ? Or do they kick you off ?

Ivy – No, not allowed. You can report to Posh or ignore. I can’t stand that!

Leslie – Not compliant. I hate non’s a fashion site

Shannon- So I know Sharing and Self Shares are key… but what about sharing on other social media such as Tumblr, Twitter, Pintrest, etc.. how does that help..or does it? Input???

Erika – I’ve pinned my closet to Pinterest and it was repinned several times, it can’t hurt 🙂

Melissa: When you send an offer how long is it good for?

Maria – 24 hours


Upload Your Poshmark Listings To Instagram Automatically- Youtube

Do you think you will give Poshmark a try as a second income?  If you have any additional tips, please leave a comment below.