21 Ways A Renovation Could Cost You Big Time

Renovating……., it’s often an involved process, and costs you more money than you planned for.  Is there a way to update without spending a ton of money?  Here are a few expert tips when it comes to the process of renovations, and how you can cut that bill in half.

1.  Moving Walls Around Is Quite Involved-Successful renovations make cosmetic improvements, not structural improvements, to a home. Adding another level to a structure, moving walls, and building rooms can be very expensive in itself.  In addition, these structural renovations can often weaken the structure.

2. Don’t Move The Sink or Toilet- This can cost dearly to your plumbing bill.  If you absolutely need to move around your plumbing, then take the opportunity to upgrade your existing pipes at the same time.

3.Incorrect Measurements Can Cost You Dearly- Nancy Soriano, former editor in chief of Country Living magazine says, “I can’t emphasize enough how an inch or even sometimes a half an inch can make a difference. And if your dimensions are off and it’s not equal and symmetrical, you’re not going to get the full impact and effect that you want. If you’re not sure about how to measure or you can’t follow the directions, don’t hesitate at all to call somebody. Ask them to come over and take the measurement for you.”

4.Know How Much You Have To Spend– Plan months in advance for your renovation, and add extra cushion for unexpected surprises such as mold, or water problems.

5. Keep Your Color Schemes Simple- Plan paint around neutral colors which often reflect light, and make rooms appear bigger and cleaner. Another designer trick with paint is to be consistent throughout the house.Having your colors flow through the house will make your home appear larger than it is.

6.Create More Space By Installing Pullout Drawers–  Check out Rev-A-Shelf on Amazon.  Install hardware that makes sense to your practical kitchen storage needs.  You can easily spend thousands on cabinet upgrades with the fancy dividers, when you can save money and buy them online yourself.  Outfit your existing cabinets with pull–out pot trays.

7. Buy New Cabinet Doors Than A New Kitchen- Cabinet refacing is a quick, convenient update that can give your kitchen a newly remodeled look in a fraction of the time it takes to remodel. If you like the current layout of your kitchen or just prefer to avoid the cost and inconvenience of remodeling, cabinet refacing offers the perfect solution. You also keep your existing cabinet frames intact, and Home Depot can complete most kitchen cabinet refacing projects in just 3-5 days- Check it out here

8.Calculate Your Paint Coverage “To make sure you are spreading enough paint, use the standard coverage rate of paint, which is between 300 and 400 square feet. How big is that? That is a 10-by-12-foot room with a standard 8-foot-high ceiling.” Martha Stewart

9. Design Around Classic, Rather Than Trendy If You Plan On Leaving In 5 Years Or Less- Design with resale in mind if you’re planning to stay in your home five years or fewer, says Kathie Maughan Francis, principal and founder of Maughan Design, Inc. in Portland, Oregon.  Go for choices that don’t cost a bundle, and that will stay in style longer.

10.Shop Habitat for Humanity– Chances are you have one of these stores in your community.  They have over 400 stores nationwide.  Habitat for Humanity offer salvaged materials at half price.  Contractors often drop off existing renovation supplies here.   What you will find here are kitchen appliances, cabinetry, tiles, doors, trim, paint, hardware, sinks and much more.  It is worth keeping an eye on this store months before your renovation takes place. Donating that sink you plan on pulling out to Habitat will allow them to re-sell it, and you get a tax deduction.

11. Get Three Estimates-  Why three?  There are some renovations in which will require a  licensed contractor.  Talk to at least three contractors, as you will be amazed at how one estimate can easily be twice or three times the amount of another estimate.

12.Hardware Should Be Made Of Quality And Unfussy. According to designer Charles Spada, “The key is always simplicity. Go with something you can be happy with 20 years down the road, and never use anything that’s trendy. For doors, I like hardware of forged iron, gold gilt, or lacquered brass, and egg-shaped knobs or plain, tapered levers. For pulls, consider a plain polished nickel knob. Hardware should be innocuous and part of the background. It shouldn’t stop your eye from admiring beautiful doors or cabinets—it should complement them

13.Shop Online, Find The Product Number and Compare Shop “You can save hundreds of dollars on an item by searching online for the best price using the model number”, says Dan Fritschen, author of “Remodel or Move?  Know what you are buying online.  Do you feel comfortable making those choices without seeing it first?  If so, do it.  If not, be aware that returning products online can be a hassle.  Products also can be delayed, so order in advance. Price Match, and bring your camera when shopping.  Some stores, like Home Depot, will not only price match — they’ll take off an additional 10 percent if a local store offers an identical, in-stock item at a lower price.

14. Buy A New Toilet and Vanity, Hardware and Paint- Bathrooms can be another money pit. Replace door handles, cupboard handles, tap handles with new hardware.  Wall tiles can be another huge expensive job, but can make a huge impact, if your vanity, toilet are all modern looking.

15. Ask For A Volume Discount- If you are buying a lot of tile or wood, consider asking for a price drop.  It is worth asking and the worst that can happen is they say no.  Some stores might give you 10% off.

16. Look For Show Room Floor Models– Sometimes fridges, stoves, dishwashers that are out on the floor can be less expensive than one brought in. If a few scratches are ok with you, you may get a pretty good deal on a next to perfect appliance.

17.Don’t Schedule Contractors In The Summer – Their business tends to be at the height between Summer and September.  Some contractors offer discounts on projects during their down time, and right after the new year.

18.Improve Existing Wood Floors- If you have wood floors that were covered by carpet, remove the carpet, and rent a sander.  Simply sand the existing floors and stain them.  This can make a tremendous difference in your home.

19. Shop The Lowest Sales Tax Amount– Different towns, counties and states have varied sales tax amounts.  In Idaho it is worth driving a few hours to Montana where the sales tax is lower.  On a large renovation, this could easily add up to hundreds in savings.

20. Lawn Edging Makes A Big Impact–  Master Mark Landscape Edging comes in 40 Foot sections, and the comments say that this edging is far heavier than most store bought brands.  You can form straight borders or gentle curves with this product and lay  river pebbles or concrete treads also an inexpensive way to dress up your yard.  Do it once and reap the rewards for years to come.

21. Decking and Verandas Are Cheaper Than Additions- Decking adds square footage to your living space and costs less than adding to your home’s structure.  Tile over concrete porches, or use concrete solid stain to improve existing concrete.



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