How To Work With Salmon Paint Shades Such As Apricot, Peach and Terracotta

Miss Amelia Van Buren, ca. 1891

Decorating Around PastelsSalmon is certainly a shade seen more in Europe than America.  How did pink become popular?  At one time, only a handful of primary pigments were available.  Red pigments were combined with lead white to make various shades of pink, which were then applied to walls and furniture.  Shades of pink are seen on architecture through out Italy, Scandinavia, Greece, northwest Africa and many cities along the Mediterranean Sea.  Salmon, coral, peach and tangerine all have undertones of orange, and a hint of pink.  A dark salmon color does not have the same immediate association with femininity that other pinks do. It can be more of a traditional wall color that looks great with browns and creams and can accommodate different styles and personalities.

Quick Tips

– Pair salmon with light shades of yellow, or on the other hand, accent it with vibrant shades of red.

– Contrast salmon with raw wood.  Rather than ruffles and bows, bring in some rustic elements to off-set the shade.  Consider solid wood floors that are slightly worn, pine picture frames, and old red leather for upholstery.

– Pair it with silver rather than gold.  The contrast of silver brings out the saturation found in these shades.  Adding a bit of shine allows for a complexity, and layering of materials which makes your room interesting.

-Shades such as apricot, peach and mango are all subtle ranges of the color salmon.  Some colors tend to lean towards pink, and others towards orange.  Pick a color to suit the hue of shade that appeals to you the most.

-The color gray can be a terrific color to pair with salmon.  Consider working with alabaster lamps, gray granite countertops, limestone, travertine or sandstone stone floors.

I like looking at old -fashioned color schemes, and there’s a lot of pink in 18th- and 19th-century decoration. You see this soft pink in old Sèvres porcelain. It has a slightly yellow cast, which makes it warmer and more flattering. Everyone looks good against it. ” -Thomas Jayne

Graphically pleasing - paint palette - sorbet colors

Paint palette – Sorbet colors- Visit

Musée Marmottan, Paris Musée   Marmottan,  Paris

Home Beautiful

Antique patina is a theme that runs throughout the decor of designer Penelope Bianchi’s Santa Barbara, California home. The pale pink walls of the master bedroom give the room a romantic glow. Visit

Behr PaintsBehr Paint Shades

Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire (above) 1969 interior by John FowlerSudbury  Hall,   Derbyshire  Interior by John Fowler

According to Treasure Hunt, (Natural Trust Collections), John Fowler, who was working for the National Trust as adviser on historic interiors, decided to add color to Sudbury Hall.  The decision was made in order to bring further attention to the magnificent carvings and plasterwork.  The shades of coral in the Great Hall, richly contrasts the architectural moldings, busts, and flooring. 

Sherwin Williams PaintsSherwin Williams Paints

Sudbury HallSudbury  Hall, Derbyshire

Stenciled DoorNorthern New England Painted and Stenciled Door attributed to Moses Eaton, Jr  (1796-1886), . Sold: $6,435.00 ($5,500) Moses Eaton was an apprentice to Rufus Porter. The door is painted and stenciled with floral, foliate and geometric patterns in red and green on a salmon ground.


NEW HAMPSHIRE CARRIAGE-MAKER'S APOTHECARY CHEST IN SALMON PAINT Seen at Jeff BridgmanNew Hampshire Carriage Makers Apothecary Chest in Salmon Paint- Visit

This chest was owned by a man named George Avery, born in 1837, who worked as a carriage painter in New Ipswich, New Hampshire. It is evident that he stored at least some of his pigments that he used to mix paint in these 20 square drawers, because there are strong remnants of powder-form green, mustard, tomato red, and other hues There are no circular saw marks which suggests it was made between 1820 -1860 in which Avery inherited the cupboard

Betty Red DesignThese beautiful color combinations come from Betty Red Design. 


Steven GambrelSteven Gambrel

Ashli MizellAshli Mizell

Coral ShadesCoral Shades – Visit

Martha Stewart PaintsMartha Stewart Salmon Paint Shades

Jeffers Design Group via Odi et AmoJeffers Design Group via Odi et Amo

Elle Decor

The card room at the Sag Harbor, New York, house of Chris Connor and decorator Steven Gambrel was painted shell-pink with a mix of casein and natural pigments. Visit

Salmon Ralph Lauren PaintRalph Lauren Vintage Masters Collection,

Salmon Pink, Cactus Flower, Tea Rose, Duke Red, Carmel Pink, Early Morning

Ralph LaurenThe guest room of this Hamptons home features a George III chair upholstered in a Ralph Lauren Home jute-cotton and an antique shipping chest in a guest room; the walls are painted in Conch Shell by Benjamin Moore. Visit

Dominos-room-with-hand-colored-vintage-prints-500x412Domino’s room with hand colored vintage prints- India Hicks Bahamas Home

India Hicks Bahamas HomePink Linen English Upholstered Chair- – India Hicks Bahamas Home

Traditional Home featured the colorful interiors of Decorator India Hicks whose life on Harbour Island in the Bahamas is inspiring.  India Hicks, was the 13 year old bridesmaid to Princess Diana and the goddaughter of Prince Charles has made her mark in design.  Her father was the renowned British designer, David Hicks.  India is widely known for her home decor designs (on HSN), furniture designs, jewellery, fragrances and books. After spending years modelling, she and her partner moved to Harbour Island in 1995 and established a wonderful homelife with five children.

IH-her-study-Veranda-500x398Bold Wall Colors Seen In India Hicks Home- – India Hicks Bahamas Home

Photography by Brittany Ambridge for domino magazine interior design by David Hicks via living gazette. Pictures featured on

covered-books-6India Hicks' living room in her Hibiscus Hill homeIndia Hicks’ living room in her Hibiscus Hill home

The Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire EstateThe Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire Estate

The Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire EstateThe Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire Estate

The Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire EstateThe Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire Estate

The Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire EstateThe Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire Estate

The Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire EstateThe Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire Estate

The Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire EstateThe Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire Estate

The Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire EstateThe Grove, the Hicks Oxfordshire Estate