25 Must Haves For A New Baby

Every mom thinks her baby is adorable.  When we see those first smiles, and the raw emotions on their faces, we melt.  Being a new mom, I have to admit, those moments are precious.

Being a mom of an infant can be challenging, especially when it comes to their crying.  There are many different cries, and most of them can be managed after a diaper change, or a feeding, but there are other moments when they cry, and their arms go flaying, and every ounce of energy goes into their cry.  You try everything to calm them, and nothing works.

If you have been there, you also have experienced those early mornings, middle of the afternoons and late nights with a baby crying and you have tried everything you can think of, and you sort of feel like you need a rescue.  I am sure your baby feels the same way.

I have been there, likely you have been there, and so has your husband, and every grandparent for that matter.  Here are a few things that I have found, and other mothers have recommended that have helped them calm their baby back to sleep, or keep them entertained through the day.

  • Fisher-Price Plug IN Power SpaceSaver Cradle ‘n Swing can also be purchased through Sears.
  • Triple Fun Exersaucer On Amazon, also can be purchased through Sears

Screaming Crying Baby ProductsFisher-Price Plug IN Power SpaceSaver Cradle ‘n Swing $99 Amazon


Screaming Crying Baby ProductsSimple Wishes Hands Free Breast pump Bra, Black, XS to L $34 On Amazon

  • Turns any breast pump into a hands-free pump
  • The bra can be adjusted in the back.  Comes in three pieces.  2 sides connect to a velcro back.  Two sizes.  Very large back adjustment ensures it will fit any woman
  • Easy to use slips on easily without having to remove your nursing bra or shirt

Screaming Crying Baby ProductsThe First Years Close and Secure Sleeper, $36 On Amazon

  • Used in adult bed between pillows
  • Head and foot barriers minimize risk of entrapment
  • Folds for travel and storage

A durable, cloth-covered U-shaped “wall” surrounds baby’s head and torso to limit their movement and help prevent parents from rolling onto them.

Screaming Crying Baby ProductsThe First Years Sounds For Silence Nursery Sound Machine– $24 On Amazon

  • Sound machine soothes crying babies with 6 calming sounds and 6 Mozart melodies
  • Custom sounds developed by Pediatrician Dr. Harry Zehnwirth
  • Nightlight and auto sleep timer that turns off in 60 minutes
  • More than a 90% success rate with crying babies* (*Based on a study conducted by Okidokie LTD)

The First Years Night and Day Bottle Warmer System $26 On Amazon

The Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler delivers bottles at the perfect temperature every time without even stepping out of the nursery. The removable cooler conveniently keeps bottles cool for up to eight hours, and warms a chilled bottle in minutes

By J. L. McDaniel “Here’s the low-down: it’s as good a warmer as any I have tried, and the cooler makes it WONDERFUL for those of us living in two-story houses. I don’t have to stumble down stairs in the dark as I did with my first child, which means it takes less time and I lose less sleep (new moms will appreciate this!)”

Here’s what I’ve learned about warming wide-mouthed (Avent, Soothies, etc.) bottles of various sizes:
– For wide-mouthed 6 oz. bottles coming straight from the fridge, double the water mark (for example, if you’re warming 4 oz. of formula, fill the water to the 8 line).
– For wide-mouthed 10 oz. bottles coming straight from the fridge, double the water plus two (for example, if you’re warming 4 oz. of formula, fill the water to the 10 line).
– For wide-mouthed bottles that are just cool (not cold), fill to the regular line plus one (for example, if you’re warming 4 oz. of formula, fill the water to the 5 line).

By D ” While I change baby’s diaper, the bottle is warming, and I am ready to go. This equipment has been a godsend. Actually, I can’t think of any equipment that I could live without less.”

By S. Chen “Before getting this product, I used to heat milk by putting the milk filled bottle into hot water. It took forever to heat and or what seems like forever when you have a baby screaming for milk. The BabyPro heats us the milk very quickly and is very easy to use.”

5 Pack GumDrop Infant Pacifier, Pink/Purple $9 On Amazon

Sized for babies 0-3 months, it ‘s the perfect introductory pacifier to soothe your baby.

“I think it said 0-3 somewhere but my 8 month old still uses them.”

By zipporah “he only pacifier that our baby would consistently take.”

By E. E. Sheldon “When my daughter was a newborn I tried every kind of binky, including this one, but she just wasn’t interested. Now she is 9.5 months and just got her first tooth and while teething I tried all the binkies again and this is the one she chose”

Lanolin Free Nipple Butter, 2 Ounce $6 On Amazon

  • Helps relieve sore nipples with a plant-based alternative to lanolin
  • Contains essential milk proteins for advanced healing
  • Made from 100% food-grade ingredients
  • Contains no preservatives or mineral oil, hypoallergenic and paraben free

Screaming Crying Baby Products

Fisher Price Rock N’ Play Sleeper – From $42 to $120 on Amazon

By Shanna- This was my favorite product I had for my son. He slept in this for about 6 months. It was very convenient for traveling – took up very little room compared to a pack n play. The incline was great because my son seemed to be congested a lot. Vibrating feature was excellent. I was very sad when he grew out of it!!!! Highly recommended!

Jessica L The self rocking is great b/c if she gets a little unsettled and starts moving around the sleeper will start rocking from her motions and put her back to sleep. Love this product for that alone. The vibration feature is also a must for us when she’s having a colicky night. She sleeps longer with it on, and I love that it has an on/off switch and not a timer b/c with other products that automatically shut off it wakes her up. The portability of it. I love I can take it into any room w/ me, and it folds up nicely when it needs to be out of the way.

By eabbers –My newborn would only sleep in my arms and the swing. After three weeks, I was desperate for some sleep too. I didn’t want him to spend all night in the swing, so I bought the Rock ‘N Play Sleeper. This thing is a miracle worker! My son slept in this every night until he was six months old, and he slept soundly and contentedly. I could put him in here awake while I made dinner or washed my hands, and he was happy to sit and stare at the world.

Screaming Crying Baby Products

Merry Muscles Ergonomic Jumper Exerciser Baby Bouncer – Red $89 Amazon

  • Scientifically Designed by an occupational therapist.
  • Baby can exercise or just sit back and relax in comfort.
  • Designed for safety–baby can’t climb out!
  • Baby’s weight is supported by buttocks and upper thighs, without pressure on any vital organs.
  • Merry Muscles is set at the correct angle to allow baby to bounce using the soles of his feet (not tip-toes). This prevents “toe-walking” later–so that baby will walk the proper heel to toe form when he/she begins to walk.
  • Use from as early as 3 months old.

Screaming Crying Baby Products

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Animal Friends, Blue $19 On Amazon

  • Fits most pack n plays, travel cribs, infant car seats, strollers and bassinets
  • Electronic mobile with 30 minutes continuous music
  • Designated connector for each mode of use
  • Gives baby relaxing continuity of a crib mobile, while on the go

Screaming Crying Baby ProductsStork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman $152 On Amazon

Screaming Crying Baby ProductsPhilips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump, 2015 Version $169 On Amazon

Screaming Crying Baby ProductsThe SnotSucker Nasal Aspirator $20 Amazon

Ingeniously simple Swedish design features a tube that is placed against the nostril (not inside). Parents use their own suction to draw mucus out of their child’s nose.

Squatty Potty® Toilet Stool, 7 Inch- The Original  $24 On Amazon

  • Squatty Potty® Patented Design • Mimics natural squat posture
  • Opens the colon for fast, easy elimination
  • Doctor recommended / endorsed, Strong & durable, Family-friendly
  • 9′ vs 7′?  – 15 inches or less buy the 7 inch. Above 15 inches, buy the 9 inch. Mine was exactly 15 inches, purchased the 7 inch and perfect.

Baby Ddrops® 400 IU 90 drops $16 On Amazon

Baby Ddrops 400 IU is specifically designed to support breast-fed babies. One purified drop of Baby Ddrops contains 400 IU of vitamin D₃, without any other chemicals, nor additives. The one drop can be easliy added to food or drink, or taken off any clean surface (i.e spoon). The recent American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also states that infants and children, including adolescents who do not obtain 400 IU/day of vitamin D through fortified milk (100 IU per 250mL serving) or through vitamin D-fortified foods (such as fortified cereals, eggs, fish) should receive a vitamin D supplement of 400IU/day.

Boon Squirt Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon,Green $7 On Amazon

  • Dispenses baby food one bite at a time
  • Convenient one handed feeding, Great for on the go
  • Includes cap for storage
  • Large easy to clean bu pound holds up to 3 ounce of baby food

Screaming Crying Baby Products

Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker – $117 On Amazon

  • Patented mixing technology: mixes formula powder and water to perfect consistency without air bubbles
  • Temperature control: heats water to 98 degrees, the optimal temperature for feeding baby
  • Airtight formula storage: holds 700g of formula powder to prepare 20 8-ounce bottles

Comment By By Paul C

We purchased this machine purely as a convenience and small luxury – by no means is it a necessity. I am a very technical, detail-oriented and mechanically-inclined person – so it’s my nature to be thorough. That being said, I tend to read through instruction manuals. For us, this machine works perfectly – but YOU NEED TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. I will respectfully refute some comments I’ve read on here and explain why I think people are not having good experiences with it. 1) It does not make more than the selected measurement. When I select 4 oz., the finished result is exactly 4 oz. of formula. 2) The machine does not “cause” spitting up. The machine simply mixes water and formula – I’m not sure how someone can blame a machine for their baby spitting-up. 3) Overflowing water – I’m guessing this can only be the result of not bothering to notice the MAX FILL line on the reservoir.
The machine dispenses formula based not only on the formula manufacturer – but the manufacturer’s specific blend (Example – You set the dispensing wheel not just for “Enfamil” but for “Enfamil > Gentlease”). Maybe this is why some people claim theirs makes 4.5 oz when they select 4 oz or why they claim their formula is watery (“did they follow the directions?”). Another suggestion….CLEAN THE DISPENSING AREA REGULARLY (again, “follow directions”). It takes less than 5 minutes – simply pull out the funnel and wipe the area where the powder drops out. People – it’s a powdery substance – when you introduce moisture, there will be some caking! We clean ours each night when cleaning the bottles and have no problems with consistency and quantity. If you wait too long, powder will build-up and change the consistency of the formula (aha….another reason for poor results!). I simply run a toothpick in the groove around the dispensing slot and wipe the funnel – that’s it! Another bonus…When grandma babysits, there’s no measuring, mixing and bottle-heating required – we just tell her to put a bottle under the dispenser and press start. You pre-set the ounce selector (2,4,6,8,10 oz) and it stays at that selection until you change it. The water and formula blend together and comes out at a perfect 98 degrees – not too hot and not too cold. It’s basically “formula on demand” (we jokingly refer to it as the baby’s Kuerig as it sits next to ours on the counter and works similarly). One thing we make a habit of doing is capping the bottle and giving a gentle shake to ensure the mix is blended – in our quest for the right formula, we’ve noticed some formula clumps more than others in the bottle, but this is not a result of the machine – it’s a result of mixing powder and water. All I can say is we’ve been using this for 2 months and this machine has been such a convenience. The 3 minutes a day (literally) you spend wiping it down is exponentially offset by the time you would spend measuring, mixing, heating/testing (too cold, now too hot…) and preparing bottles. I hope this helps in the decision process and prompts some unsatisfied users to review their methods.Update Feb 2015…Still working fine for us….Changed the baby’s formula type – adjusted the settings…business as usual.

When you shake your bottles, it can give your baby gas, and then there is the factor of heating up the water to the just right temperature. For those reasons I would buy this machine. However… in this VIDEO review, she says that the machine does have one draw back, being that under the dispenser, it can get dirty.  With any machine, you need to clean it regularly to keep it working properly.  

Screaming Crying Baby ProductsPodee Baby Feeding System, $11 On Amazon

  • Helps prevent colic and gas build up
  • Helps prevent ear infections
  • Helps prevent reflux
  • Great feeding system for traveling
  • Great item for feeding twins and other multiple babies


Ergo Baby Slings

Ergo Baby Slings

With so many baby slings on the market, it can be hard to a new mom to determine which brand is best rated, most comfortable and safe.

A sling has to feel comfortable, and most importantly has to be safe for your child. A sling can be the ideal way to get your baby looking around, and interested in his or her surroundings.

Our baby is starting to open her eyes, and really take in her surroundings. She loves to be picked up and toured around the house.

Using a sling can be an ideal way of bonding with your baby. Baby can feel emotionally connected to you, and for the mom who has things to do, it can be a way of having your hands free, while still having your child close to you.

My lactation consultant was the first to suggest buying A Ergo baby sling. Ergo baby makes a unique sling that supports your back, as it evenly distributes the weight of your child between your waist, and shoulders.

After trying the sling on, I have found it quite comfortable enough to be worn for several hours without the strain on your back. The Ergo baby sling also has three positions for baby.

Facing forward, tucked into your chest, or riding on your back. Infants, and newborns should be tucked into your chest, while older children can on the back.

Ergo baby slings are on the higher end of the price range. They sell around the $100 dollar range on Amazon, or you can buy it new from $70 dollars on ebay.

Ergo Baby Slings

The Ergo baby original carrier was what I purchased for our daughter and love it. The one major drawback is that it is not suitable for an newborn infant on it’s own and you must purchase an additional infant insert. Here you can see Atarah, about a week old and needing the insert. Although, she is now about a month and a half and she has plenty of room.  Her head is away from my chest, and has plenty of room to look around.  Her head fits into the thinner material meant to cover the back of her head to rest in, and I can cart her around while shopping and having both hands free.  I recommend getting some type of baby carrier— I actually prefer to use them over a stroller.

Screaming Crying Baby ProductsSafe Lift Crib Wedge $56 On Amazon

Dexbaby Safe Lift Universal Crib Wedge, White $20 On Amazon

  • Non-skid bottom keeps safe lift securely in place
  • Positions easily and securely under all standard crib sheets
  • Gentle angle helps reduce nasal congestion – especially important during cold and flu season

Screaming Crying Baby Products

Babymoov Lovenest Ivory – The original ergonomical head rest for a well-rounded head $35 On Amazon

Created and patented by a French pediatrician. The Lovenest’s special shape guarantees pressure is distributed over the child’s skull thereby allowing baby to keep a nice round head. Made of a washable, breathable fabric.

Babymoon Pod – Head & Neck Support $23 On Amazon

MIMOS Baby Pillow (XL) – Air flow Safety $91 On Amazon

Molto Baby Sleep Side Positioner Anti Roll Cushion Comfortable Body Support $36 On Amazon

  • 45 degree wedges for baby’s comfort and better positioning. The support keeps the baby lying on one side, a position which allows him to breathe more easily and is the safest should vomiting occur.
  • This position is the one most recommended by the majority of padeiatricians.
  • Allows complete freedom of movement for arms and legs. Its light, practical and easy to carry around.
  • Comes with 2 wedge blocks: one long one to support the back and another shorter one which prevents the baby from turning over. Dual wedges for firm back and side support.

Babymoov Cosymat $51 On Amazon

To guarantee peaceful nights for both, baby and his parents, Babymoov designed a complete comfort range to ensure the well-being of your baby: the Cosy Range. Reflux, colics, incorrect breathing… these are diverse factors that interfere with your baby’s sleep and well-being. Placing your baby in a specific position ensures an optimal protection.

Funny Mustache Pacifier for Baby Boys, Girls & Toddler – BPA Free – 2 Brown $9 On Amazon

Screaming Crying Baby Products

 Graco Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle $30 Amazon

    • High back nylon seat is removable and machine washable
    • Soft all around bumper protects wood work
    • Two soft removable interactive toys attach to adjustable play tray
    • Plastic dome keeps straps spread apart for easy in and out
    • Spring loaded no mar clamp easily adjusts to door frame