Should Swimsuits Be More Modest? 9 Tips For Finding The Right Swimsuit

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It seems like year after year, swimsuit fashions become even more sexier.    The latest trend is the thong bikini.  Once only marketed to Florida and California beach goers are now making their way in mainline catalogues.  Ahem?  Who wears this stuff out in public?  What do you think is going to far?

On the flip side, high waisted bikini’s are now more fashionable than ever.  The high waisted swimsuits of the 50’s are everywhere.  If you aren’t doing your sit-ups at the gym this year, don’t worry, you can hide it in this years fashions!

Retailers assume young women want to wear next to nothing, yet I wonder if it even sells in the younger age group?  This is what I ask myself. According to CDC, 69.0% of adults 20 years and over are overweight, which pretty much represents the majority of the public.  Lets face it, if you are looking for a swimsuit, we ALL have to shop online, no matter what size you are.  What is in the stores is just too sexy, and frankly doesn’t fit the every day gal.  The good news is that there are so many more brands and styles out there which are available to buy today for all ranges of body shapes and budgets.  The trick is to know what you are after, and what size you fit into.

Picture Credit Above- Zimmermann Floral Swimsuit

We all want a swimsuit that accentuate our best attributes and hide what we don’t want to draw attention to.  If you invest in a great classic swimsuit, chances are, you won’t have to buy one every season.

Here are 5 tips to find the best swimsuit for your figure…..

1.  Boy Shorts Appear Like They Hide, But Sometimes They Don’t

Boy shorts, if worn in a size too small can squeeze and exaggerate excess flesh.  Boy shorts can look great, be sure to wear it in a size that isn’t too tight.  With the right size, they can look like a pair of shorts that ride along your curves.

2.  Many Colors Can Make You Look Thinner Besides Black….

Every woman looks great in black, but if you don’t have to go black when there are so many more colors out there.  If you are hoping to hide weight, consider the saturated shades such as navy, plum, brown, and green.   Instead of focusing on colors, pay more attention to the cut and design of the swimsuit.  Look for vertical and diagonal stripes.  Small prints and patterns can also make the body look leaner.

3.  Don’t Be Discouraged If You Don’t Fit Into Your Normal Clothing Size

This happened to me last year.  I was trying on swimsuits, and grabbed a couple in my normal clothing size.  I found out I fit into 2 sizes up than I normally wear, so expect this if you go shopping, or shopping online.  Swimsuits are typically sized smaller than clothes because they are meant to fit snugly. You may have to go up a size or two. If you do find a swimsuit, buy two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit.   Go for snug, because when you get into the water, the suit will loosen up.  Be sure the suit fits around your arms, and bottom areas, as weight can be pinched and won’t look right.

4.  Are You Bottom Heavy? Choose Minimal Fabric and Pattern On Your Hips…..

Avoid the boy-cut bottoms and go for a high-cut bottom which can give the illusion of longer, leaner legs.  Focus on the top with a pretty pattern, and go for solid prints on the bottom.  Draw attention upwards.  Two-piece suits work really well with bottom heavy figures.  Consider tankinis and swimdresses.

5.  Wide Shoulders?  Halter Tops Look Amazing

Halter or scoop neck tops look fantastic on gals who have wide shoulders.  Wide straps also do wonders by making shoulders appear smaller. Show off your shapely shoulders with a wider bandeau top.   Ruffle bottoms, belts, prints or patterns are great choices for bottoms.

6.  No Curves?  Cut Out Swimsuits Are For You….

Go for cut-out bathing suits that elongate the torso.  Look for swim suits with details at the waistline to create more of an hourglass shape, such as trim, details at the waist, or plunging necklines.  Bikinis which show off a lighter colored bottom, or v neck shapes emphasize the bust, and draw attention to the waist in an inverted way.

7.  Small Bust?  Go For Ruffles…..

Underwire, while meant for heavier bust lines can add definition to small busts.  Go for ruffles to add the illusion of more up top.  Beading, pleating and bulk in this area can add interest.  Bandeau bathing tops are essentially a strip of fabric gathered in the center aren’t your best bet.  Halter tops can look fantastic on small or medium bust lines.

8.  Large Frame?  Look For Vertical or Angled Lines….

Flatter your curves by looking at the overall design and shape of the swimsuit.  Avoid any string straps, and go for wider straps.  Try wrap styles in 1 piece suits, as they can be very thinning.  Higher cut legs can make your mid section look thinner.  A low cut top can also even things out than a top that cuts across the top.  Again, consider triangle shapes than rectangular shapes that make you appear boxy.  Go for matte swimsuits, as shine will show more than you want to pay for.  Look for suits with a hidden bra, and avoid halters that dip down too low with a large bust.

9.  Apply Tanner A Few Days Before Going Shopping or The Beach

It is amazing how tanner can warm up winter skin, and make you feel more comfortable with your body.  Tanned skin just makes you appear thinner.  Skip the tanning booth which cause skin problems, and apply tanner.  Plan on applying tanner a few days before you shop, as it might rub off on the fabric if applied the same day.

10.  Be Trendy And Mix And Match

Buying the top you want with the bottom you like has been a fashion decision that makes sense.  Retailers are coming out with collections that allow you to mix and match bottoms with tops.  Another trend we see now is mixing different patterns together.  Different kinds of patterns together is in style.  Go for two styles of florals such as the ones that Zimmermann pushes in their lines.  Next year, if you still want to work with the top or bottom, you can go online and add a new piece to your collection.

Check out my picks below for swimsuits that are modest, yet classy …

What do you like, and what do you want to buy for this year?


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Model Marloes HorstModel Marloes Horst

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Kiera Knightley in Atonement

Kiera Knightley in Atonement

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Bekah Jenkins takes to the beach in summer brights and white hot bathing suits for the July issue of Woman Spain. 2Bekah Jenkins -July issue of Woman Spain

Bekah Jenkins takes to the beach in summer brights and white hot bathing suits for the July issue of Woman Spain.

Bekah Jenkins -July issue of Woman Spain

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Hunter & Gatti Shoot Guess by Marciano’s Glam Fall 2013 Campaign

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Kate Moss for VOGUE UK. The June 2013

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Elsa Hosk for Elle Sweden July 2013Elsa Hosk for Elle Sweden July 2013

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Kate Upton covers the June 2013 issue of US Vogue

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