Similar to Morphine: The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in Your Backyard


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Lactuca Virosa is the scientific term for it, and many people have used it in place of addictive prescription pain medicine. It’s a leafy and tall plant, with small yellow buds, and could be grown right out your door.

It’s also referred to as bitter lettuce, and, while it doesn’t contain any opiates, it has similar side effects when used –  it acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to lessen the feeling of pain, just like morphine.


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The flower head

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Wikimedia CommonsLactuca Virosa –Wikimedia Commons

Used in folk medicine for centuries, it’s making a comeback as Fibromyalgia, migraine and chronic pain suffers seek alternatives to dangerous, addictive pharmaceutical painkillers.

Lactuca Virosa Wikimedia Commons